Friday Featured Piece: Fisherman’s Treasures Cuff

My featured piece today is one of my latest piece. A cuff with ocean theme.

I named it Fisherman’s Treasures.

Fisherman's Treasure Cuff

This cuff was made for Nicole Rogalski (Nikki) from Bastille Bleu Lampwork.
I fell in love with her Christmas Mouse lampwork, and some of her creations. So we managed a trade. She wanted me to make a cuff with ocean theme.

While I browsing through my mind (it’s a big messy place lol), I remember about my father’s stories.

My father came from a small island in the east of Indonesia, Flores Island. If you googling it, you may find some interesting informations about it 😀

He left his hometown almost 40 years ago. During my childhood, he used to tell me about it. He told me about the beautiful sceneries, blue sea, white sand, beautiful shells, fishes, and so on and so on..

Well, that stories remain in my mind. And those stories inspired me designing this cuff.

Oh, by the way here’s what Nikki sent me for trade:

Aren’t they cute? hehehe

Oh, by the way I used these materials for the cuff:

Permanently colored copper wire, Swarovski crystals, glass pearls, Czech fire polish beads, and Conch shell.

Wrist size approx. 7.5″




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