It’s me again – blog post planning

Hi, everyone!!

Yes it’s me again (who else would it be? Ha ha).

I’m going to write down my blogging schedule.
I think it will be great if I make my blog post organized than just rambling around.
I mean, of course I’m gonna ramble here wherever I want, but I also want to share something that might be useful for you. What do you think?

Because this is a jewelry journal, I’ll try my best to write down everything related with it. I’ll try to share what I’ve been through, what I’ve learned, and maybe some how-to’s.

I’ve been asked about tutorials several times. I’m sorry, but I have to tell you that I don’t have any tutes at this moment. Even tho I always dream about my own tutorials 😉
That’s on my 2012 resolutions list!

Okay, here’s the schedule I’ve made so far. Please don’t be hesitate to suggest other themes if you want to!

1. My Monday ~ I’m gonna tell you what I’ve been through during previous week. Let’s say that this is a summary for each passing week.

2. Tuesday Tools ~ we, jewelry artisans, obviously need some tools. On Tuesday I’ll review tool(s) I’ve used, tool(s) I wanna have, or maybe how to make your own tools -you know, tools can be so expensive sometimes, that maybe unaffordable for some people (like me?), or for beginners (like me!!).

3. Wednesday WOW!!! ~ Some people asked me, where did I get my inspirations. I told them I got it everywhere. On Wed I’m gonna write about all things that inspired me. Maybe they’ll inspired you too!!

4. Thursday Techniques ~ I have to admit, I’m a newbie in jewelry making. I haven’t invent my own technique (I won’t count those messy tricks I made as a techniques hee hee). But I found some useful sources to learn new techniques. Some are free, others might be paid ones. I’m gonna share them with you.
However, I really hope we could respect each other. When you inspired by someone’s project, please give credits to them.

5. Friday Featured Piece ~ I’m gonna feature my favorite designs with you. It could be mine, it could be other artisans’ pieces, or it could be YOURS!!!

6. Saturday & Sunday will be free themed, untill I figure out what to write 🙂 hee hee

See you!!


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