Wednesday WOW!: Butterfly – Keeping Faith Along The Way

Today’s Wednesday WOW! is butterfly.

As you can see, lots of my jewelry pieces were inspired by butterflies. So far I’ve made about 12 butterfly jewelries. I also find lots of jewelry artisans inspired by butterflies (at least, they made butterfly jewelries).

Butterfly with its beautiful wings, unique wings patterns, gorgeous colors, and meaningful symbolism has been one of my endless source of inspirations. Every time I made a butterfly piece, I always gain new insight about them, and of course some meaningful insight for my life.

Here’s my favorite butterfly meaning.

 Overwhelmingly, cultural myth and lore honor the butterfly as a symbol of transformation because of its impressive process of metamorphosis.

From egg, to larvae (caterpillar), to pupa (the chrysalis or cocoon) and from the cocoon the butterfly emerges in her unfurling glory.

Herein lies the deepest symbolic lesson of the butterfly. She asks us to accept the changes in our lives as casually as she does. The butterfly unquestioningly embraces the chances of her environment and her body.

This unwavering acceptance of her metamorphosis is also symbolic of faith. Here the butterfly beckons us to keep our faith as we undergo transitions in our lives. She understands that our toiling, fretting and anger are useless against the turning tides of nature – she asks us to recognize the same.

It’s connection with the soul is rather fitting. We are all on a long journey of the soul. On this journey we encounter endless turns, shifts, and conditions that cause us to morph into ever-finer beings. At our soul-journey’s end we are inevitably changed – not at all the same as when we started on the path.

To take this analogy a step further, we can look again to the grace and eloquence of the butterfly and realize that our journey is our only guarantee. Our responsibility to make our way in faith, accept the change that comes, and emerge from our transitions as brilliantly as the butterfly.

source: Avia Venefica’s symbolic butterfly meaning

I think Avia’s explanation is very comprehensive. She pointed out some beautiful life values, which inspired me designing those butterfly jewelries. And I hope you’ll be inspired too!!

My Butterfly Jewelries


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