Thank you (and I love you)


It’s very early in the morning: 03:04 AM.
You might ask what the heck I’m doing at this time.
Well, honestly I slept from 7 pm to 12 am last night. I was taking Claire to bed, and fell asleep with her.
I didn’t mean to sleep that early. I planned to work on some custom orders instead 😦

Anyway, Claire woke up at 12 am, and woke me & Cris (hubby) up too.
She asked us to play (the way 7.5 months old baby could do), and she fell asleep at 2 am. After she played, pooped, and had milk.
Meanwhile, I can’t sleep! So I decide to write a post here.

I’m sorry I haven’t write anything since last week (or weeks before? ).
I wrote a post about making loops, and planned to post it on Thursday, but I forgot!!!
So I’ll update it with some referral links that might help you, beginners (like me!!) to learn making loops. And if I can, maybe some step by step pictures by me 🙂

For tonight (or morning?) I’d like to share the picture above and say something:

To everyone who likes my FB page, and my jewelry journal, and my jewelries of course 🙂
To all customers who have been sooo patience with my snail-speed work 😉
To all my friends who love to participate in my events, games, and quizes;
To all friends who trust me to make their jewelries;
To all friends who trust me to design their special gifts;
To all friends who share their love with me;
To all friends who inspired me;
To all friends who give some critiques and suggestions;
To all great people who have been supporting me all these times by liking my posts..

Thank you!!
I ♥ you all

Ah, I think I’m going to sleep now. You have to try this when you can’t sleep: saying nice words, sharing love, and be thankful for all you’ve got.
Maybe you’ll fall asleep soon just like I do 🙂

 

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