Friday Featured Piece: Pucuk Rebung Series

I want to show you my latest project. It’s also my biggest one till today 🙂
A jewelry set for one of Miss indonesia 2012 finalists, Diana – representative from Riau.



This set was inspired by Riau traditional batik pattern named Pucuk Rebung (bamboo shoots).

Here’s the inspirational picture


I made a pair of chandelliers earrings from gold colored copper wire and some SWAROVSKI crystals.
It’s pretty long, about 3 3/4″ to 4″ long.


The bangle I made was consist of two SWAROVSKI rivolis.
I used continuous double prong setting for them. This is my first trial making continuous double prong, and I’m pretty glad with the result.
Materials used for this bangle was gold colored copper wire from ARTISTIC WIRE, SWAROVSKI crystals & rivolis, and some diamantes.
It fitted 6 1/2″ wrist.


Here’s the details of the bangle:



Last piece of this set is a ring.
I made its focal piece from ARTISTIC WIRE gold colored wire mesh, and gold colored copper wire for the shank.
Some purplish SWAROVSKI crystals were added to give accents.
Te focal piece size approximately 1 1/4″ width, while the ring itself is adjustable.



For complete & detailed pictures please visit my Facebook Page

Thank you!!

❤ ien ❤


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