Wednesday WOW!!!: Betta Fish – Flare With Style

Hi, there!!
How are you? It’s been sometimes (well, long time) since my last post about my inspirations.

Today I’m gonna share another inspiration source of mine: Betta Fish, or some people may call it Siamese Fighting Fish.

Here it is:
Half moon betta fish


Look at the beautiful color, flaring fins and gorgeous shape. I always think about a dancer when I look a betta fish.

I can’t tell you too much facts about this beautiful fish, because (honestly) I don’t know that much lol.
But maybe I can share a bit from my own experience.

About 10 years ago, my lil sister had some of this beautiful fishes. Including a very beautiful purplish one. I sometimes enjoyed looking at him (yes the purplish one was a male) swim around in his lil jar.
The flare of his fin was so elegant, and at the same time almost arrogant.
He was my lil sister’s fave fish.
One day, when my sister got home from school, she found him dead, lying on her desk.
It seemed like my sister overflowed his jar and he jumped out of it.

No need to be said that we lost him. My sister never had another fish.
And I missed this little guy (sometimes).

Okay, here are few eye candies of betta fish:





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