My first chainmaille: Full Persian Cross

Hi there 🙂

I can’t wait till next Friday to show you this: my first chainmaille piece!!! 


Yeay!!! 
A friend of mine asked me to make a cross pendant.
He wanted it to be simple, and not too big.

This is my first masculine jewelry order.
I tried to sketch down some designs but none of them seemed masculine enough 
Then I did some research about chainmaille cross.

I thought chainmaille piece will be masculine -or androgene- enough.
It is simple, and looks sturdy.

So I found the pattern of chainmaille here and tried to make this pendant.
I also found this link and it has clear step by step instructions of chainmaille cross.

I tried my hand on the pattern, and here’s the result 

I used to think that chainmaille is beyond my ability, but now I KNOW I CAN DO IT

I still have to oxidize the cross then I can send it to its new home 

Anyone interested?
I have stainless steel rings too, if you don’t want the sterling silver ones.

Just contact me
Or visit my FB page to see my collections 

See you!!



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