Friday Featured Piece(s): Ocean themed bridal hairpieces

Aloha!! 
It’s summer, let’s hit the beach!!

This time I’ll showcase not just one, but two jewelry pieces I recently made.
They are hairpieces, bridal hairpieces exactly, for one of my besties.

She’s going to marry her fiancè on July, 29th -yes, that’ll be next Saturday Sunday.

About a month ago she asked me to make two hairpieces for her wedding. No need to say that it’s an honor for me 🙂

I was thrilled -my first bridal piece!!! - and absolutely said yes to her.
She said that the wedding party will be held in a seaside restaurant, thus I think the hair piece might be in beach/ocean theme.

Several ideas were presented to her, but she just said “It’s up to you”.
So I just picked two designs and started to work on it them.



I made this piece in her wedding gown color palette: white dress with layered tulle accent. She said she’ll add fuchsia ribbon to it.

The name Salacia taken from Roman myth. She’s the goddess of the sea, which also represents the beauty of the ocean.

Salacia made from permanently colored copper wire in silver, Swarovski components, cupchain crystals, japanesse seed beads, european standard crystals, and fresh water pearls.


This is how it looked like on my hair 

The Tide Knot

Second piece was inspired by Helen Dunmore’s books: INGO (tetralogy).
Helen described details of underwater life in her book, which I read several years ago.
Those details remained in my mind, and burst out when I designed this piece.


The Tide Knot was made of permanently colored copper wire, Swarovski components, cupchain crystals, czech montees, japanesse seed beads, fresh water pearls, and metal ball beads.

Color palette used in this piece taken from her 2nd dress (she’ll wear two dresses): turquoise, black, and silver.

I picked the name because of its shape: 6 waves tied into a circle.
The waves represent marriage tidals: ups and downs, sadness and happiness, love life, social life, and every aspect of marriage.
The circle represents endless hope and love that will help the couple to get through every waves of their marriage.
That’ll be my prayers for my bestfriend 

Now I have to find a dress and make proper jewelries for my self .

See you soon!!

PS: detail pictures please visit my Facebook page
And please tell me what you think about these pieces!! 

Thank you!!!


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