My Anniversary Gift

It’s a bit late for me to spread this news, because actually I received the email more than 2 weeks ago 

I received this email on July, 3rd morning (Indonesia Time), right after I woke up. It really put a smile on my face, took me to heaven, and dance with angels there 
Okay, it was exagerrated. Actually I just sat there on my bed, with stupid surprised face, rubbed my eyes (you know sometimes you can’t believe your own eyes lol), re-read it again, and again and again and again.. And it stroke my mind..
YEAY!!!! It’s real!!

Ooops!!  Forgive me. I forgot to show you the email I’m talking about 
Here it is (a part of it, actually):


I don’t think I can ask for a better anniversary gift.
Now I have to prepare the goodies shipment, and leave the rest to the judges.

Here are those selected pieces (I submitted 4 pieces and they took 3 of them )


Sommerfûgl Bangle


Tauriñs Earrings


Fisherman’s Treasures Cuff

Wish me luck, will you? 

Thank you!!



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