Wednesday WOW!! : Fairies – fly away to the land of imagination

Howdy y’all!! 
I hope you’re all fine, and having great times.
I’ve been spending some times in my parents’ house for nearly 10 days now.

Last week I accidentally hurt my left eye while playing with my daughter 
The doctor said that it was scratched  so he gave me some eye drops and meds.
So, what was planned as short visit to my parents became a quite-long-recovery-visit 
Where I could only sleep and sleep and sleep 
I can’t get online as much as I want used to, because the lights from electronic devices hurt my eye.
It was a totally boring week 

But now, my left eye is healthier than ever (I think lol). And I can’t wait to share with you another source of inspiration of mine 

Fairy – Or some people prefer faerie, is one of those inspiring magical creatures for me 

wikipedia could give you enough explanation about them, and I don’t think I’m gonna bother you with long-boring-explanation about fairies.
I wanna share how fairies help me to create my jewelry.

Not all fairy is nice. Some tales tell us about naughty fairy, evil fairy, jealousy fairy, cunning fairy, greedy fairy, etc etc just like us human. To me, it shows me that even beautiful creature has its own flaws. Nothing is perfect. And it’s important to accept both sides.

Beside their beautiful figures, for me fairy represents hope and endless possibilities.
Cinderella’s godmother help her realize her dream to go to the ball.
Aurora’s fairies keep her safe from evil fairy’s curse.
Tinker Bell helps Peter Pan whenever he’s in troubles.
And many many many more fairy tales which said fairy helps the characters realize their dreams. Maybe I read too much of them, but those tales sometimes help me see things through. It helps me think outside the box within my daily life and when I’m creating my jewelries.

Okay, now what’s the point of this fairy-insights in jewelry design/making? Let me summarize them for you 

1. everything is possible in your imaginations just like my motto. Every design is possible in your imaginations, so let your imaginations fly high. Sketch down every designs you could imagine, and try to realize them!

2. When you feel like it’s impossible to realize a design, don’t give up!! relax, take a deep breath, bring your sketch book to your fave place, with your fave beverages (for me it would be hot chocolate, or fresh juice ) and let your imaginations fly, to see several possibilities about it.
I’ve done this many times, and it works 

3. When you’re out of supplies, or maybe you don’t have enough funds to buy the supplies, don’t let your imaginations down. Again, let your imaginations fly high and think how can you use your supplies to create something beautiful

4. Do not avoid ‘difficult’ materials. repeat no. 2, and maybe you’ll come up with brilliant idea.
Difficult materials mean those materials you don’t wanna use because of their shape, color, physical appearance, and makes you feel uncomfortable to work with.

I know, it’s not only me who inspired by fairy. If you don’t mind, please share your story here with me 🙂

See you again, fellas!!



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