Me as finalist!!

Yeay!!!! 
Before I tell you what makes me happy, let me scream and jump and scream and sing and scream and smile and take a breath 

Okay, that’s exagerrated. I didn’t do that two nights ago when I got the news, and neither now.

I just wanna share my happiness to you all.
About two months ago, a local wire worker community here in Indonesia announced a contest.
The contest theme was “All About Druzy”. When I read the announcement, something tickled me inside my mind.

I love challenges, the more challenging, the merrier it would be for me. So I used to look for jewelry making/jewelry design contest/challenge to boost my mood. But the problem is.. the theme.

I rarely use druzy/drusy in my design.
Not because their shape, because I absolutely love their unique cystalized surface.
It’s just.. When I started to create wire jewelry, the trends are like these: druzy as the focal piece/druzy in the center and lots lots lots swirls/filligrees around it. Some crystals/other component might be added here and there. And that’s NOT the type of Wire Jewelry I want to create.

Therefore, I told myself to create something different. I imagined that if I ever make jewelry using druzy, I want the druzy to complete my wire design, and not vice versa: design the wire to complete the druzy.
In other words, I want the druzy become a replaceable part of my design. I want if I have no druzy in my stash, I still could make the same design without it (I hope I make myself clear without offending anyone here).

For quite a long time I can’t figure out how to realize my imagination. And because I never design anything with druzy, none of my clients asked me to. So I stucked in this condition. Meanwhile I order some druzies that caught my eyes. I have several druzies (Okay, not several, I have a lot of druzy. And It’s more than I mean it to be) and still don’t know what to do with them 

Long story short, I got these ideas and realized them into two pieces of jewelry and submitted them for the contest.
And, BOTH OF THEM were selected as finalists by the judges!!! Woot woot!!

Here are they:

The first one is a frog brooch. I was inspired by a fairy tale.
Yes you’re right!! It’s The Princess and The Frog

The second one is a hummingbird brooch. Inspired by Rio movie.
Don’t ask me why. I didn’t notice there’s hummingbird in the movie, and I don’t know why I ended up with a hummingbird 
I just knew that I have to design a hummingbird, so I browsed the web for references and stumbled upon a beautiful hummingbird picture by Glenn Bartley.

Now, the committee are opening a voting session to get two FAVORITE WINNERS. If you (yes you!!!) like my jewelries and think that they’re worthed to win the FAVORITE PIECE title, please visit the links below and give your LIKE for them.

Here’s the link for my Cute Prince Frog

click here 

And here’s the link for my cheerful Hummingbird

click me 

Thank you so much for your support!!


PS: see other jewelries designed and handcrafted by me on my FB page

PSS: both Prince Frog and Cheerful Hummingbird are AVAILABLE FOR SALE
Just contact me through FB, email, or even text message if you’re interested 


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