Friday Featured Piece: Terra The Forest Faerie

The story behind designing & making process of Terra becomes an important milestone in my jewelry making journey.

I have to admit that druzy is not my favorite materials to work with. But when I read a druzy themed wire jewelry design contest, I was thrilled. Nothing thrilled me better than challenges, specially when there are prizes lol 
I think this is a good chance: there’s a challenge with prizes, I’ve done all my personalized orders, and need to make some ‘ready stock’ items.

After two or three weeks of ‘meditation-for-inspirations’, I saw my daughter’s bag with Tinker Bell picture. And that’s when hundreds of the bulb turned-on.

Terra is an important piece for me. I enjoy every single step in her creation process. She shows me that I can turn impossible things into possible 

Triangle druzy with green and a bit blue sparkle reminds me of our beloved earth. Green for forest and blue for the oceans, lakes and rivers.
I decided this faerie will be a forest fairy, and used Gun Metal from Artistic Wire to wrap it. The dark brown color of it reminds me of fertile soil of the forest.

I used wire mesh for her wings, and add some tiny Swarovski crystals to give it sparkles, just like the way sun shines through spiders’ web.

She holds bunch of colorful ‘flowers’ in her hand, to represents the richness of forest.

With a vertical pin on her back, you could wear her as a brooch or pendant 🙂

Finally, I proudly present Terra The Forest Faerie to all of you.



PS: detailed pics of Terra, please visit my FB page

PSS: Just drop me an email to if you want to have your own faerie 


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