Friday Featured Piece: Matthew de Castaño ~ the cheerful hummingbird

¿cómo está

You might wonder why I use Spanish greetings.. No, I’m not taking Spanish lesson at this moment (maybe someday ).
It’s because I finally got a name for my cheerful hummingbird: Matthew de Castaño.
It sounds like Spanish name for me, so I decided to greet you all in Spanish 

Creative process of Matthew was not too complicated.
Lately my daughter really fond of RIO soundtract: Real In Rio.
She often asks me to play it on youtube so she can watch those beautiful birds sing and dance 
And everytime we watch it together, I always amazed by the colorful birds (No need to say, I’m a color-aholic ).
Those colorful birds kept dancing in my mind when I designed my entry for the contest.

There’s a lil gap, tho.
If you see the video  here you won’t find any hummingbird there. But, as I designed it, I just knew that I HAVE to make a hummingbird.

So I browsed the web for references (and an idea to accomodate the gap lol). I stumbled upon this beautiful picture of Chesnut-Breasted Coronet Hummingbird

Aaaaand I knew that I found the answer. I was looking at the answer: Chesnut-Breasted Coronet Hummingbird has almost all colors from RIO birds 
This beautiful picture was taken by Glenn Bartley. See other beautiful pictures of nature he took on his website

I grabbed my pencil and sketch book, quickly sketched down the design, picked the right druzy from my stash, wrapped it with gun metal color copper wire, added some SWAROVSKI, attached the pin, and.. VOILA!! 

3 hours later, Matthew de Castaño first appearance 

I really proud of him. He’s my 4th attempt with druzy  and he doesn’t let me down 

Permanently colored copper wire, SWAROVSKI crystals, dyed druzy

PS: Matthew de Castaño is looking for a home. He can’t wait to brightened up your day.
If you want him, just leave your comment (and your email address) below.

PSS: more collections of handcraftes jewelries by me please check my FB page out.

Glenn Bartley
The Avian Web


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