Perhiasan Kawat – a fun sharing place to learn wire wrapping

I wanna introduce you all to a new group (well, it was created about 2-3 months ago) : PERHIASAN KAWAT.

It’s an Indonesian group where all members could share anything about wire wrapping: pictures of their work piece, technique they’ve mastered or they wanna know, we even have psychology session here!!
This group is for everyone 🙂 from new learners to expert or very advance artists.
We tried to support each other, and tried to give honest feedback (and some suggestions or tips) to each other -at least I’m trying to do that. Oh me and a few fellows I knew.

Here’s a shot of our group’s albums: workpiece gallery and some lessons


Founder of this group, Desia Dewi is a very generous person. She’s willing to share her knowledge with us, and always encourage us to create more and more.

There are 6 admins of this groups, and that’s including….. Guess who?
Drum rolls please!!!!
Taraaaaaaaaa…. YES!!!! ME!!!!

Okay, you might wonder why I look so happy to become an admin. I tell you why: I have a chance to work with 5 generous and open minded and kind people! No kidding!! And they always tell the truth no matter what happen.
And I learn many things with them 🙂

If you wanna know us more please visit our group here:

See you there!!!

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