Wednesday WOW!!: Peacock the bird from heaven

My friend Renata sent me this picture a few days ago, when she was in Bali.
She said she took this picture special for me *oh laa laa, :blushing:*
I wonder what will this white peacock look like if he spread his tail 🙂

Wait. He? it’s a male? Well, I’m not sure about it. At least I’m not sure if THIS one is male, but I know that only male peacock have beautiful tail feather. The females’ feather color aren’t as bright as the males. Neither as beautiful as their males.

Anyway, I’m not going to make you bored with factual matters. Wikipedia surely could do it better than I do (and of course, less boring).
I want to share what peacock means to me. And why it becomes one of my favorite model of my jewelry designs.

Peacock in symbolism
I love symbols. I love to explore hidden meanings of nature.
I found a blog, written by Avia Venefica, really feed my hungers of symbolism.
She wrote a comprehensive article about peacock. And her article kept inspiring me while making some peacock jewelries 🙂

My first peacock jewelry
I remember a few years ago I stumbled on Huan Pham’s blog. He created beautiful jewelries, with great details and very neat. But his peacock brooch really caught ny eyes. I can’t get it out of my head. Never. I dreamed that someday I will be able to create such a beautiful things. With my own hands.

In September 2010, I wrote an email to Mr. Pham. I asked for his permission to make a peacock brooch which inspired by his peacock. No need to tell you how happy I was when he permitted me to do so.

So here’s Mayura, a brooch and pendant. It was a birthday present for my friend.

Detail pics can be seen here

Like I mentioned before, Avia’s article really helped me to dig deeper behind the beauty of peacock. And if it’s possible, I tried to put all of those values into my jewelries, specially those peacocks 🙂

Through her article I found that peacock not only represents beauty but also integrity, which could be achieved when we try to be a better person. Well, I think life is a process to reach our own beauty: we learn and strive to be a better person each day.

Avia also wrote about peacock meaning in some beliefs, you can check it here

white peacock in Bali Bird Park

white peacock in Bali Bird Park

Mayura Brooch & Pendant

Mayura Brooch & Pendant

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