A Year in Review: 2012 (Part 2)

It’s already the 4th day of 2013, and I hope your days were great.

I wanna continue my annual review for 2012.
In my previous post I’ve shared about new techniques I learned, and new tools of mine *big grin*
Now let’s see what else I have last year.

New Materials
Last year I took my jewelry making journey to a higher level materials. If I used to use permanently colored copper wire and sometimes sterling silver, during the last 2 or 3 months of 2012 I started to use fine silver.

What can I say about it? Well, of course that it’s worth more than two materials mentioned before. It also really malleable. I can manipulate it to (almost) everything I want it to be, without breaking it.
Thinner wire could get broke easily if you squeeze it too hard, tho. But copper and sterling do to. So that’s not a big matter for me.

Other new materials I started to use is gemstones *bigger grin*
Yes I started to use gemstones, real gemstones!!!
I was all because of my friend, Renata. She’s a gemstonesholic lol
She really can’t take her eyes off those shiny lil things. She gave me a great deal with this london blue topaz (comes with gemstones certificate). I owe her a great design πŸ™‚

I consider myself a high achiever. I mean, if I can get an A why should I be happy with just B?
In my jewelry making (and designing) journey, I always try to make a perfect piece.
Perfect in my eyes, of course -I know that my jewelry can’t be compared to some of world class jewelers/jewelry designers.
Perfect means: no poking ends, no sharp or pointy ends, no missing coils or weaves, no cracking crystals or stones, proportional size, good color combos, etc etc etc (anything that could feed my perfectionist-almost-obsessive side lol).
My parents used to tell me not to look for external compliments/rewards.
They said no matter what people will say, just do the best that you can. Put you goal as high as possible, then make sure you achieve it. If you fail, try again and again and again until you feel really satisfy with the result. External compliments/rewards are BONUSES.
And that’s what I always do.

But I won’t be a hypocrite. If people like my jewelries, or think that my jewelries are good enough (or even very good, or more lol), I will be very happy.
And that’s what happened last year.
I submitted my jewelries to 2 different jewelry design (and making) contests. One was local contest, the other one was an international level.

Luckily, I was chosen as finalists. Two entries for local contest were both chosen, and one was selected as runner up in its category.
I submitted four entries for FireMountain Gems and Beads contest. They took 3 of them as finalists and one was selected as Silver Medal Prize winner *biggest grin here please*

These achievements do encourage me in jewelry designing and making area.
Oh wait, I haven’t tell you other thing that really boost my jewelry making mood: my beloved clients!!!!

Last year I met wonderful clients -some were new clients, some were old good ones. I really enjoyed working with them.
New clients always thrilled me with their new characters and desires. Old good clients always pleased me for their loyalty *smooch*
When a client returns to me for their second, third or even more orders, I always amazed. Why? I think they do like my jewelries so they come back again (and again and again and again!!!!). They don’t have to say sweet words, because what they do really show it.

I wanna thank my lovely clients for their supports, cooperations, love and care for me all passed year. Thank you so much!

So there they are..
All I have to say in these annual review :p

Now I really have to get back to my personalized orders. Can’t let my clients down for sure!

See ya!!


PS: don’t forget to keep your eye on this blog or my FB page to get newest news, promos and lots more πŸ˜€




2 comments on “A Year in Review: 2012 (Part 2)

  1. Ien, you are a wonderfully talented young lady. I hope that you continue to be blessed for many years.

    Know that I will cherish the wire guitar that you custom made for me…always! ❀

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