It’s flood everywhere in Jakarta. So did in my neighbourhood.
Yesterday when I got downstairs I saw water flooded the street, reaching our carport.
Some relatives who live nearby already called and said that water got into their house! I was a bit anxious. Specially when I realized we didn’t have much food supplies.

I remembered several years ago when Jakarta was paralyzed by flood. That time my friend’s house in Ciledug was flooded. Water flooded 1st floor of her house, and her family was evacuated to their realtives’ house.

Then I began to get more anxious. How if tomorrow we’re trapped in the flood?
How if tomorrow there are no people selling food supplies?
How if tommorrow we can’t get out of the house because the water already too high?
And hundreds of HOW IFS flashed through my mind *ouch*
And the most important is:
It it happens, how about Claire?

Okay, now I know that having a toddler means having too much things to be thought.
And anxieties to be overcome.
So on behalf an anxious mom, I ran to the nearest supermarket and bought some food supplies. At least we’re save for two weeks lol.

When I came back from the supermarket, the rain has stopped. Lots of people were gathering to see flooded street. Some of them laughed at me because I carried some big grocery bags.. Well – don’t care :p
As long as I have enough supplies for Claire it will be okay.

Luckily the rain stopped at noon so by afternoon the water had all gone. Thanks GOD.
weather forecast say that it will keep rainy until next month. I just hope that we won’t be trapped in flood: all safe and warm at our home.
And I hope you do too!!!




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