Sparkling Saturday: Owh-Pal My Dreams (half) Come True :)

Opal Cabochon

Opal Cabochon

I have two new babies!!!!

I’ve been longing for (some) opal(s) since few years ago, unfortunately I couldn’t afford it at that moment. But I promised myself, I will have my own opal(s) one day (҂’̀⌣’́)9

Few weeks ago I got great deal for an opal cabochon and just last week I won an faceted opal in an auction. Both for good price lol


As color-geek, these two opals really hard to resist. Both have great color play that really catch my eyes (and heart lol).
Now I can’t wait to design something special with them..

What kinda jewelry do you think will be perfect for them?
They’re pretty small, the cabochon, is the biggest. It’s only 10mm.. The faceted one is less than 10mm.. Probably around 7 mm.




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