Exploring Metalsmithing A Bit Further

Saturday nite, 2 weeks ago.
I can’t sleep even though it’s already 2 AM.
Something was bothering me so much. So, I have a design for one of three (yes, now I have three lol) opals.
I’ve sketched the design, ordered the materials, and wait for them anxiously just to find out that…….
My opal was TOO SMALL for my design *sigh*
Okay, blame me for this but my spatial ability was a bit low lol..

So, what should I do? I really couldn’t stand the ‘leave the design and move on’ thoughts.
I can’t afford to buy a bigger opal with such a beautiful color play.
I don’t wanna change the gems into let’s say a druzy..

I was thinking of labradorite or rainbow moonstone, but I don’t have any of them. That means another tiring hunt for materials.. And I really have to finish this piece before the end of March.
So that’s not a good solution.

I drove my friend, Renata, mad with this matter by asking her to find in her gorgeous collections of gems a perfect one for me lol
(I owe you much hehe)

Then I remembered a small fine silver sheet I ordered few months ago.. It’s just 4″ x 4″ of 0.3 mm fine silver sheet, but I thought it could work.

My plan was to cut the fine silver sheet into a leaf shape, then drill some tiny holes onto it, and net-bezel my tiny opal onto it.
Pretty simple, right?

So I did it. At about 2 AM in the morning.
I cut the metal sheet using small scissors (okay, I used Claire’s manicure scissors because I can’t find my scissors hehe)
After heating it with my torch I formed wavy edges using my pliers.
I set up my flexshaft, and drilled some holes onto it. I even managed to sand and file the sharp edges!!
Finally, I used very fine sterling silver wire (I guess it was 30 or 32 gauge) to net bezel the opal onto it.
I tied it to the base wire using excess wire from the net bezel.

Here it is 🙂


Well, I’m pretty pleased with how it turned out. And pretty proud of myself *insert BIG GRIN here*

It was about 3.30 AM when I finished the process. And I could sleep peacefully..




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