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it’s been a year since my last post (okay, it’s just 2 months after new year, but hey my last post was really in 2013.. So yeah I can say it’s been a year lol)

These last few months I’ve been being a bit non productive. I spent my days traveling to Jogjakarta -a beautiful city in Indonesia- for new year eve, and then many things happened. Long story short, these last few months are not the best time in my life.

It felt like I was having a mental block I can’t get through. I’ve tried to do something creative, tried to make something beautiful (at least in my opinion), but yet I did nothing.
I even got to a point when I thought that I won’t be able to create anything anymore. It was so horrible and terrifying.

Time heals any wound, I guess those words are TRUE. As time goes by I can see everything clearer than before. I can see some options I can’t see before, and I can see that I really have to fight for everything.

But the ultimate trigger came from my best jewelry making buddy, Renata.
She asked my opinion for her latest design series, and I dunno why but suddenly the mental block disappeared! I can discussed the subject with her freely and some pretty good ideas popped out continuously.
Then we decided to do another design challenge for both of us. We did it before: we picked peacock as our theme and we came out with our own interpretation of it. I already wrote a blog draft about it but then again, I forgot to finish it *sigh* I’m sorry 😦

Our challenge theme this time: REIGN OF FIRE VS SNOW QUEEN
After we decided to do the challenge suddenly I felt alive!
I felt like my old self came back and kick me in the ass and said: “wake up you silly girl! There’s no problem that can beat you, and no problem is too big if you want to overcome it. Wake up, lift your head, and walk straight!”

So here I am, try to stand tall against my problems and face the world 🙂

I really thank my friends who’s being there during my hard times, everything they did mean so much for me. Thank you!

So, before I bored you to death with my story I wanna give you a sneak peek of the jewelries I made since my last post 🙂

Here they are..

Selena Pendant version 2.0 🙂

Aquarius Pendant

Friendship Necklace – my first gold plated piece ^.^

Mora Earrings

Wings of Hope prototype

Big Taurinš Pendant

Belle and Bow studs earrings

Kaede Necklace – I really enjoyed making it

Taurinš Mini Studs Earrings

I will write about them personally next time 🙂

So, see you in my next post!!

~ ien

PS: meet them up close and personal on my FB PAGE

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