Bead Soup Blog Party (LATE) Reveal – part 1

On my last post I mentioned that I couldn’t join the reveal part of this year BSBP due to my health.
And if you remember I showed you some pictures of my first piece.
Can any of you guess what I made with that components?







My own treasure box 🙂

I received 3 sets of beads from Eni, my partner (please visit her blog HERE!!!! to see what she made with my odd bead soup)
Here they are:

1st row from left to right: a teardrop clay cabochon with red and turquoise coordinating beads, and a white round cabochon with ballerina figure plus some beads in pink hues.
2nd row from left to right: two pairs of unique clasps, and a heart shaped shell pendant with black and white fresh water pearls to match it.

Aren’t they pretty? Oh yes they are!!! Specially the ballerina cabochon sets.
Fortunately, I know the fellow artist who made that cabochon. Her name is Wulan, and actually I’ve been eyeing on the cabochon since she post its pictures on her FB account (see other beautiful clay creations of her here –>
So you know how I felt when I saw it on my bead soup. I was kinda like this:

“Oh my GOD!!!! Thank you mbak Eni!!!!!”

And I really wanted to hug my partner that day (until now actually. I’m gonna hug you mbak, for sure. Beware of my hugs! LOL)

So, I started to work on that set, because there were 2 reasons why it touched me:
1. One of my dreams as a child was to become a ballerina. I don’t have to tell you that those beautiful tutus added extra temptation to me lol. But I couldn’t. Soooo, I might projected my dreams towards my daughter. I took her to a ballet class but she was too young to understand the instructions.
Instead of practicing cute dances with her classmates, she was hanging and swinging on the bar *sigh*
It’s okay, I’ll try again later *insert a very determined face here*

2. When I was little, my mom had a beautiful music box. It had small ballerina figurine which would dance around the music box when it was played.
That time I was so amazed with the music box, specially that dancing lady. I wonder how could she dance around.
Uhmm… Then I broke the music box in my mystery solving process.. My mom got mad at me lol… But hey! I knew how it works now lol.

So I decided to make a box with that ballerina cabochon to celebrate my memories. While I made it, I thought about my mom and my daughter.
If you see the letter ‘C’ I put on the back of the cabochon, it’s my daughter’s initial- Claire.

The process.

The most boring part was making that scrolls for the ‘wall’. Oh, and the coiling task.

The hardest part was attaching the base sheet to the wall. Actually I planned to solder them together but after some trials and errors, I failed. Yes, I failed (I really need to master this soldering thing more). And then I realized I ran out of butane for my torch. So that’s it. I decided to coil them.

Another hard part was making the hinge. I didn’t know how can I make it, or where should I put it, and what shape or what should I do to make it. So please forgive that clumsy hinge 😦

However, I managed to finish it on time later than it should be. But I’m proud with my first treasure box.

I still owe at least another piece for this year BSBP because I haven’t use the given clasps.
I’m working on it, so please be patient 🙂

Meanwhile, if you wanna see other gorgeous and beautiful creations of this year participants please click this link. It will guide you to the list of participants ^^

Have a nice blog hopping!



18 comments on “Bead Soup Blog Party (LATE) Reveal – part 1

  1. I absolutely love how you wired the box, and the memories attached to it. I have a large Raku dragon cabochon that was obviously meant to be the lid to something. It’s been sitting in my stash for 2 years, and I’ve had no idea what to do with it. You’ve given me some excellent ideas where to start. Thanks

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