Friday Featured Piece: Thystvine Set

This week featured piece taken from my latest jewelry set project.
It was request by my old friend for her wedding day.

She came to me few months ago, requested me to design something for her wedding. Her requests were: purple, beautiful, classy, with a bit glamorous touch.

When I started to design her jewelries, I was really fond of Swarovski square ring. And really wanna try my hands on it.
So I designed a jewelry set using it. Fortunately she approved my design (yeay!).

The jewelry making process begun, and I just realized that it’s not as easy as I imagined.

The Bracelet

Thystvine Bracelet

Thystvine Bracelet

To set the square rings was not easy. Specially if I want it move freely like chain. I used jump rings here if you can see the details clearly.
When I finally managed to set three square rings as the bracelet focal piece I stucked.

Second problem was to make the rest of the bracelet. I wanted it to be delicate.
I then decided to make some vines and attached some amethyst Swarovski crystals. I’m very glad that it turned out into sturdy yet delicate part.

Bracelet parts done, assembling them was not a big matter at all, not to mention some tiny jump rings attached to the focal part lol

The Earrings

Thystvine Earrings

Thystvine Earrings

She asked me to make her pierced earrings with chandelier look.

Just like the bracelet. Biggest challenge was to set the square rings. With some tricks I finally managed it, and added amethyst Swarovski drop to each swirls.

Overall the design was look like intertwined vines with some amethyst splashes.
I love how it turns out after I cleaned and polished them using my new flexshaft (YEAY!!! Happy dance).

Moreover, I’m really glad that she love them.
I can’t wait for her wedding pictures, hopefully she will send me the pic because I can’t come to her wedding reception (I’m sorry..)

By the way, this set was made with lots of prayers within each intertwined vines, each swirls and rings and coils..
Prayers for her happy marriage and love life.

Happy wedding, Vin πŸ™‚

Fine silver wire, sterling silver wire, SWAROVSKI components

Bracelet fit 6.75″
Earrings approx. 2″ from top of pierce earrings part to bottom




Friday Featured Piece(s): Ocean themed bridal hairpieces

Aloha!! 
It’s summer, let’s hit the beach!!

This time I’ll showcase not just one, but two jewelry pieces I recently made.
They are hairpieces, bridal hairpieces exactly, for one of my besties.

She’s going to marry her fiancΓ¨ on July, 29th -yes, that’ll be next Saturday Sunday.

About a month ago she asked me to make two hairpieces for her wedding. No need to say that it’s an honor for me πŸ™‚

I was thrilled -my first bridal piece!!! ξ„…- and absolutely said yes to her.
She said that the wedding party will be held in a seaside restaurant, thus I think the hair piece might be in beach/ocean theme.

Several ideas were presented to her, but she just said “It’s up to you”.
So I just picked two designs and started to work on it them.



I made this piece in her wedding gown color palette: white dress with layered tulle accent. She said she’ll add fuchsia ribbon to it.

The name Salacia taken from Roman myth. She’s the goddess of the sea, which also represents the beauty of the ocean.

Salacia made from permanently colored copper wire in silver, Swarovski components, cupchain crystals, japanesse seed beads, european standard crystals, and fresh water pearls.


This is how it looked like on my hair 

The Tide Knot

Second piece was inspired by Helen Dunmore’s books: INGO (tetralogy).
Helen described details of underwater life in her book, which I read several years ago.
Those details remained in my mind, and burst out when I designed this piece.


The Tide Knot was made of permanently colored copper wire, Swarovski components, cupchain crystals, czech montees, japanesse seed beads, fresh water pearls, and metal ball beads.

Color palette used in this piece taken from her 2nd dress (she’ll wear two dresses): turquoise, black, and silver.

I picked the name because of its shape: 6 waves tied into a circle.
The waves represent marriage tidals: ups and downs, sadness and happiness, love life, social life, and every aspect of marriage.
The circle represents endless hope and love that will help the couple to get through every waves of their marriage.
That’ll be my prayers for my bestfriend 

Now I have to find a dress and make proper jewelries for my self .

See you soon!!

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Thank you!!!

Friday Featured Piece: La Guitarra Broodant

There is no woman who sleeps so deeply that the sound of a guitar won’t bring her to the window.

~ Spanish proverbs

Guitar have always been one of my fave musical instrument 
I don’t know why, but I think it’s sexy -apart from its shape.
Remember the old school days, I insisted to learn how to play it. Spent every day trying to remember the chords.

I still remember the song I learned: More Than Words by Extreme.

Okay, long story short: few weeks ago a friend of mine, Vickie asked me to made her a guitar broodant (brooch and pendant).
Her request remind me about my secret passionproject: making guitar with wire.

Vickie kindheartedly sent me some links for some guitar pictures. After some “meditational” process (read: sleeping, eating, playing with my babygirl, and repeating those things all over again), I sat and sketched my design. Vickie approved it, and she (once more) kindheartedly
set my wild imagination free ξ€’ξ€’ξ€’

And here’s the result:


I made it from permanently colored copper wire in gold and gun metal color.
Three strands of wire were used to form its body. Inner details were made of middle layer wire. Then I added 30 gauge wire as strings.

Permanently colored copper wire & SWAROVSKI crystals

Approx. 2″ by 1.25″

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thank you!!!


Friday Featured Piece: Mom & Daughter Puzzle Pendant

Another Friday has come πŸ™‚

My featured piece for today was taken from my own projects: a puzzle pendant in sterling silver.

Actually, I don’t know what do fashionable people call this kinda pendant. But to me, it reminds me of puzzle. So, I call it puzzle pendant.

Just like jigsaw puzzle, this these pendants can be worn as single pendant when you pair them together, or wear it separately as independent pendant.

It took me few weeks to figure out how to create the pendant: how to link them without any bail/clasp.

Finally I came up with this idea.

A single piece from mom’s hair and..

The butterfly held by the daughter became the ‘bail/clasp’, like this:


Each piece features SWAROSKI birthstone crystals of the family member. In this case: father, mother, and their daughter.

I think I’m gonna make one for me and Claire 

Hope you like this one like I do, and see you in next post 


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Thank you!! ξŒƒ

My first chainmaille: Full Persian Cross

Hi there πŸ™‚

I can’t wait till next Friday to show you this: my first chainmaille piece!!! ξŒ’ξŒ’ξŒ’ξŒ’


Yeay!!! ξ”Ÿξ”Ÿξ•
A friend of mine asked me to make a cross pendant.
He wanted it to be simple, and not too big.

This is my first masculine jewelry order.
I tried to sketch down some designs but none of them seemed masculine enough ξ„ˆ
Then I did some research about chainmaille cross.

I thought chainmaille piece will be masculine -or androgene- enough.
It is simple, and looks sturdy.

So I found the pattern of chainmaille here and tried to make this pendant.
I also found this link and it has clear step by step instructions of chainmaille cross.

I tried my hand on the pattern, and here’s the result 

I used to think that chainmaille is beyond my ability, but now I KNOW I CAN DO IT 

I still have to oxidize the cross then I can send it to its new home ξ€Ά

Anyone interested?
I have stainless steel rings too, if you don’t want the sterling silver ones.

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See you!!


Friday Featured Piece: D’ardaigh Series


Howdy, everyone!!
How’s your week? It’s Friday (again) already, and I really wanna show you this week featured piece.

They’re one of my designs, unfortunately lol, which I designed for a special lady.

Just like my previous pieces, here, this jewelry set also designed for Diana, Miss Riau 2012.

This set was inspired by roses: its beauty, its meaning and everything it symbolizes.


For the necklace I made a woven rose (about 2″ width) as its focal piece. Then I made some decorative circles for the “chain”.
Diamentes were used to give accents and glamourous look.


I didn’t wanna keep its backside as plain as I used to do, so I made removable extended chain, and added dangling parts using delicate chain and moonstone chips.


See? I’m pretty proud to see how it turned out. Hope you like it too!!

I adopted those circles for the bangle, and create this:


I think I was really in love with the circles so I adopted it into the earrings.
Well, I added elongated effect to it, so it looks like this:


I experimented with Artistic Wire silver colored mesh and created the rose ring. Diamentes were sewn onto its center.


I hope you enjoy this post as much as I enjoyed writing it, and have a wonderful weekend!!



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Friday Featured Piece: Fisherman’s Treasures Cuff

My featured piece today is one of my latest piece. A cuff with ocean theme.

I named it Fisherman’s Treasures.

Fisherman's Treasure Cuff

This cuff was made for Nicole Rogalski (Nikki) from Bastille Bleu Lampwork.
I fell in love with her Christmas Mouse lampwork, and some of her creations. So we managed a trade. She wanted me to make a cuff with ocean theme.

While I browsing through my mind (it’s a big messy place lol), I remember about my father’s stories.

My father came from a small island in the east of Indonesia, Flores Island. If you googling it, you may find some interesting informations about it πŸ˜€

He left his hometown almost 40 years ago. During my childhood, he used to tell me about it. He told me about the beautiful sceneries, blue sea, white sand, beautiful shells, fishes, and so on and so on..

Well, that stories remain in my mind. And those stories inspired me designing this cuff.

Oh, by the way here’s what Nikki sent me for trade:

Aren’t they cute? hehehe

Oh, by the way I used these materials for the cuff:

Permanently colored copper wire, Swarovski crystals, glass pearls, Czech fire polish beads, and Conch shell.

Wrist size approx. 7.5″



My current project(s)

I’m working on some projects at this moment. Some of them are custom orders, others are my Pay It Forward 2012 pieces.

What is Pay It Forward 2012? I got this fun activity from one of my FB friend, Saskia. It’s about giving away 5 handcrafted pieces to 5 persons who left comment on your status. Then, those 5 person have to post it on their status, and give away another 5 handcrafted pieces, etc, etc, etc. Isn’t it fun?

The point is not how difficult the piece, or how great it is. It is love, attention, and prayers that you put into it that matters. I know that every piece I received will be very special, and I really hope that everyone received mine will feel the same.

So far, I’ve finished 2 pieces for PIF 2012. Both of them are wire write name pendant. I’ll post about them later.

For now, I wanna tell you about ARCO pendant.

Arco Pendant is a custom order piece for Dawn. She asked me to design a pendant for her: a hummingbird sipping honey from a tulip.

A cute idea, and it took me quite long before I came to this design.

I still have to add some vines below the tulips, but so far I’m quite happy with it.

Materials used are permanently colored copper wire, glass pearl, Swarovski crystals, Toho 11o seed beads, and shell pearl.

It’s about 3″ height and 1.75″ on its widest part.

The pictures that inspired me


Here’s a bit about ruby-throated hummingbird:

Ruby-throated hummingbird (Archilocus colubris -now you know why I anamed him Arco lol) are known because of their ruby-colored neck.
It is a small hummingbird.
The Ruby-throated Hummingbird is 7–9 cm long with an 8–11 cm wingspan, and weighs about 3 g. Adults are metallic green above and greyish white below, with near-black wings. Their bill is long, straight and very slender.

They regularly nests east of the Mississippi River in North America.

Details please see here

Okay, i think I gotta go. My lil daughter wanna play with me, and she seems a lil bit jealous with this phone lol..

See you again on next post!!