Bead Peeps Swap & Hop 2015 : From A to Z

Finally, it’s May 2nd!!! The reveal day of Bead Peeps Swap & Hop 2015.

This time my partner is Nicole Rennell from USA. She mainly works with polymer clay and copper, in big and dark color palette. During our ‘get to know each other’ chat, she told me that her hobbies are jewelry making, reading, and traveling. 

It took me sometimes to come up with something special (at least I thought it’s special) for her. Her traveling hobby gave me an idea: I will send her something related with it. 

So I sent her some wire pieces I made. A wire train locomotive, a wire boat, a wire car and a wire plane to symbolize her traveling hobby. I added some green fresh water pearls, and azurite beads as coordinating beads. All in her favorite colors. I was so happy when she said she loves them, since I worried that it might not up to her likes.

A package from Nicole arrived just a few days after she told me she received mine. I opened it and was thrilled o see such combinations. She sent me two electroformed copper over polymer clay focals, some faux sea glass beads, some labradorite beads, and some copper beads.

Here are they. The labradorite rondelles, copper beads and white faux sea glass were not photographed because I misplaced them >.<

Silly me. I had a rough idea how to use them and put them aside for later but then I forget where did I put them lol.

Oh and here’s what I came up with this lovely things.

A simple necklace featuring one of Nicole’s focal piece: a labradorite in polymer clay.

I made the necklace out of a suede ribbon to enhance the copper color. For the clasp, I used solid copper wire adorned with copper beads and labradorite rondelle. 
 Closer view of the clasp. 
I still have some beads left and will work on them after I find a perfect design for them πŸ™‚ — if you follow my blog or my  FB page you will see that the perfect design I’m talking about might come tomorrow, or maybe next year lol.

Now, please take your time and visit all others participants of Bead Peep Swap and Hop 2015 HERE!! 

Hope you enjoy hopping around!! ^^


Bead Soup Blog Party (LATE) Reveal – part 1

On my last post I mentioned that I couldn’t join the reveal part of this year BSBP due to my health.
And if you remember I showed you some pictures of my first piece.
Can any of you guess what I made with that components?







My own treasure box πŸ™‚

I received 3 sets of beads from Eni, my partner (please visit her blog HERE!!!! to see what she made with my odd bead soup)
Here they are:

1st row from left to right: a teardrop clay cabochon with red and turquoise coordinating beads, and a white round cabochon with ballerina figure plus some beads in pink hues.
2nd row from left to right: two pairs of unique clasps, and a heart shaped shell pendant with black and white fresh water pearls to match it.

Aren’t they pretty? Oh yes they are!!! Specially the ballerina cabochon sets.
Fortunately, I know the fellow artist who made that cabochon. Her name is Wulan, and actually I’ve been eyeing on the cabochon since she post its pictures on her FB account (see other beautiful clay creations of her here –>
So you know how I felt when I saw it on my bead soup. I was kinda like this:

“Oh my GOD!!!! Thank you mbak Eni!!!!!”

And I really wanted to hug my partner that day (until now actually. I’m gonna hug you mbak, for sure. Beware of my hugs! LOL)

So, I started to work on that set, because there were 2 reasons why it touched me:
1. One of my dreams as a child was to become a ballerina. I don’t have to tell you that those beautiful tutus added extra temptation to me lol. But I couldn’t. Soooo, I might projected my dreams towards my daughter. I took her to a ballet class but she was too young to understand the instructions.
Instead of practicing cute dances with her classmates, she was hanging and swinging on the bar *sigh*
It’s okay, I’ll try again later *insert a very determined face here*

2. When I was little, my mom had a beautiful music box. It had small ballerina figurine which would dance around the music box when it was played.
That time I was so amazed with the music box, specially that dancing lady. I wonder how could she dance around.
Uhmm… Then I broke the music box in my mystery solving process.. My mom got mad at me lol… But hey! I knew how it works now lol.

So I decided to make a box with that ballerina cabochon to celebrate my memories. While I made it, I thought about my mom and my daughter.
If you see the letter ‘C’ I put on the back of the cabochon, it’s my daughter’s initial- Claire.

The process.

The most boring part was making that scrolls for the ‘wall’. Oh, and the coiling task.

The hardest part was attaching the base sheet to the wall. Actually I planned to solder them together but after some trials and errors, I failed. Yes, I failed (I really need to master this soldering thing more). And then I realized I ran out of butane for my torch. So that’s it. I decided to coil them.

Another hard part was making the hinge. I didn’t know how can I make it, or where should I put it, and what shape or what should I do to make it. So please forgive that clumsy hinge 😦

However, I managed to finish it on time later than it should be. But I’m proud with my first treasure box.

I still owe at least another piece for this year BSBP because I haven’t use the given clasps.
I’m working on it, so please be patient πŸ™‚

Meanwhile, if you wanna see other gorgeous and beautiful creations of this year participants please click this link. It will guide you to the list of participants ^^

Have a nice blog hopping!


8th Bead Soup Blog Party : A to Z to REVEAL DAY

I should’ve posted this from few months ago: I’m participating (not anymore, and you’ll know why soon) in 8th Bead Soup Blog Party (BSBP) hosted by Lori Anderson.

In this annual event, lots of participants from all over the world will be paired and then they will have to swap a bead soup (well, it’s a package of focal beads, coordinating beads, and unique clasps plus anything you want to add into) with their partner.

This year Lori paired me with Diah Anggreni a.k.a Eni. I was so happy to know that she is my partner because actually I’ve met her before.
Yep. We live in the same region.

Here’s what she sent me:

3 sets of beads and 2 sets of beautiful clasp

All packed in a beautiful songket box

I was really thrilled because she seems to know what I love. I can easily pictured some designs from those beads.

Now the problem is, what will I send her?
At the swap time, I was hospitalized due to dengue fever. So I wasn’t able to pick my own bead soup and send it to her.
When I received her bead soup I was kinda “Oh my god. What should I send her? What should I give her which will be good enough compared to this?”

So, after a few quick interview with her, I decided to make my own focal piece(s) for her.
She said she’s in love with cats and butterflies.
So I made her these:

A few cat figures πŸ™‚

I sent the package and thanks God, she said she loves it *big grin*

Now, all I have to do is just making the designs I planned.
Unfortunately, in the last days before the reveal day I was diagnosed with another dengue fever. There were red spots all over my body.
So I was told to take a good rest. I can’t make it in time 😦

I contacted Lori and Eni to tell them that I can’t make it on time. And that I have to withdraw myself from this year BSBP.
I’m so sad that I can’t fully participated this year. Moreover, I’m so sad I wasn’t able to finish my favorite design from the bead soup.

Just to ease my broken heart, here are some unfinished pictures of it:



Can you guess what I was making?

Anyway, even though I can not make it to the reveal day (which is TODAAAAAY!!!!!, Yeay!!!!) I’m still excited to see other participants finished pieces.
So, please don’t miss this event and be sure you visit other participants’ blog here

(I know I will do so too ^^)

See you!!!

~ ien

Yeon Deung Hoe Necklace – IWJC 2013 Contest

Whoa!! It’s been over than 2 months since my last post >.<
I’m sorry. I know I promised you to post more often. But seriously I was not in the mood for writing these last few month *I’m sorry*

Today I finally got my mood to write about something my jewelry. Besides I think the story would be too long to be put on my FB PAGE (click HERE!!!)

Latest piece I made was for Indonesia Wire Jewelry Community 2013 Contest.
This contest was held as a part of their 2nd anniversary celebration.

Main theme for this year contest is ‘Wire Jewelry Challenge’. Every entrant received a contest kit (consists of 2 cabochon) which MUST be used in their design(s). The entrant could use them in a single piece or divide them into two different pieces within a single design theme.
There are two categories: pure wire working and metalsmithing.
I applied for metalsmithing category.

So.. Here’s the kit I received:


Not my favorite materials to work with. I never seldom use that kinda cabochon before. And on top of it, I never rarely use that color combination.
This kit is absolutely won’t be my first choice in my normal circumstances.
But hey! It’s a challenge!!!
How could a challenge become challenging if you got something ordinary, right?

Drown in Korean Wave

Okay, I’m not totally drown in it. It’s just one actor. Lee Min Ho. Oh don’t let me make you yawn with his stories. I already wrote about him on my previous post lol.

So, in his latest TV series, The Great Doctor/Faith his role was a general from Goryeo dynasty (ancient Korea dynasty from 918-1392, if I remember correctly). His pictures as the brave yet handsome general were spread on various social media. And it made me think…

“What if I make something based on inspired by his character?”

When I was taking my daughter to sleep, an idea hit me like a lightning: Lantern. Custom. Korea. (And if possible) Ancient.
I browsed for those terms and found something interesting The Korean Lotus Lantern Festival.

Here are some inspiring pictures about it.


20130901-035609.jpgpics source: google

Korean Lotus Lantern Festival is an annual festival held to celebrate the birth of Buddha several thousand years ago.
It was rooted back to Goryeo Dynasty where Buddhism reached their golden era.

According to Buddhist beliefs, lanterns symbolize wisdom in that they bring light to the world. β€œYeondeung,” which means lighting lantern, is an important ritual in Buddhism gives respect to Buddha. (source)

Later research on Buddhism lead me to Ashtamangala, a suite of 8 auspicious symbols which represents (Mahayana) Buddhist beliefs and usually used in their arts.
The eight symbols are: The precious Umbrella, Pair of golden fish, White Conch, Treasure Vase, Lotus, Infinite knot, Victory Banner and wheel.


What an interesting subject!!! (no offense to my Buddhist friends out there. I just love to learn about new things). So I decided to make a design based on it.

Yeon Deung Hoe necklace is born

Once I read about the Korean Lotus Lantern Festival and Ashtamangala, I just knew that I’m gonna use lotus flower on my design. I thought the yellow cabochon could represent a lantern very well.
Quoting Wikipedia

The lotus flower (Sanskrit: Padma; Tibetan: ΰ½”ΰ½‘ΰΌ‹ΰ½˜ΰ½Ί, Wylie: pad me), representing “primordial purity” (Tibetan: ཀ་དག, Wylie: ka dag) of body, speech, and mind, floating above the muddy waters of attachment and desire; represents the full blossoming of wholesome deeds in blissful liberation.

Other signs from the Ashtamangala that catch me was a pair of golden fish which represent harmony between happiness, freedom, wealth and unity.

The only problem was the dark green cabochon. But the answer was very clear, of course we can’t have a lotus flower alone without its leaf!!! πŸ˜€

So there it was! A necklace consists of a lotus lantern, a pair of golden fish, and a lotus leaf.

20130901-044515.jpgthe design sketch
20130901-044634.jpgbefore oxidized and colored
imageit’s me modelling it πŸ™‚

Today I just got the news that it was selected as one of finalists in the contest!!!
Well, now they’re opening a voting session to pick the favorite winner based on ‘likes’ each piece received.
One person can only vote once (will update about it later ok?). Meanwhile if you like this design, you can vote for me HERE!!!!

Thank you very much!!! <3<3<3

PS: thank you for everyone who’s willing to jump into my messy brain and give me lots of suggestions, critics and advice ^^~

7th Bead Soup Blog Party Reveal!!!

Finally after some flus, headaches and several mood swings, I managed to finished this project.

Not the best of me, I admit, but I will make something that’s more ‘me’ when I feel the urge..

Like I mentioned in my previous post, my partner’s beads never arrived at my house, and so does mine.
My partner Christina sent me gorgeous bead soup (I’m sure) but somehow someway it seemed disappear >.<

However Lilikkindheartedly sent me an emergency bead soup.
I really thank her for this.

Her bead soup was very challenging.
The combinations were not those I would usually picked. But hey, it’s not an ordinary ocassion! So I came up with several ideas, but really can’t realize them all but these two:



The first one is a recycle from an old piece. I took my Hibiscus Garden pendant and attached it to a chain, using both cute enameled flower clasps Lili sent me.

The second one is a keychain. My first key chain actually πŸ™‚
I used one of those green petals sent to me as a back ground and formed a hibiscus with permanently colored copper wire.
A pink bead was attached to give accent to it.
I’m pretty pleased with how they turned out.

I still have some beads left, and probably will work on them when I can.
I will also post some pics of them πŸ™‚

You can visit all beautiful pieces revealed this time by visiting this link
Do take your time to see each and every unique pieces there πŸ™‚

Thank you so much!!


PS: and thank you so much, Lori for hosting this awesome event!!! ❀

BSBP7 updates: I’m stuck!!!!

Yes, today is April 19th..
Tomorrow should be the reveal day for me.
And I haven’t make anything out of my bead soup. I know, last time I said that I had some ideas for my soup.
But I can’t feel the urge or at least the right mood to do it 😦

(Un)fortunately the reveal date has been postponed for a week, so maybe I can get the right mood (or if I can’t, push myself) to work on it.
Hopefully *smile*

However, there are already two reveal groups for BSBP7. You can find the links for it here.
Do take sometime to have a peek and hopping from one blog to another! You’ll enjoy it πŸ™‚





7th Bead Soup Blog Party: my (emergency) bead soup reveal :) Part 1

On my previous post I mentioned my participation in the 7th Bead Soup Blog Party (BSBP).
I sent my bead soup to my partner Christina from FengBeads on February.
But unfortunately, it seems she hasn’t received my bead soup and so do I.. Not to mention weird-things-that-ate-all-my-emails-to-her-so-we-lost-contacts-for-about-a-month *sigh*
So.. I’m kinda stuck here with no soup in my hands and the reveal date is getting closer *ouch*

Lori, our hostess suggested me to post this matters in the group. Luckily, Lili Krist kindheartedly willing to send me an emergency soup.

I received the package today.
To be honest, these are not the kinda beads I used to play with πŸ™‚
I rarely use dark colors with big size. And I tend to use bright colors with its gradations.
So yeah, this soup is a challenge for me. A big challenge.

Here they are:

The focal beads

The clasps and some stones beads

And this is Claire, playing with those beads.. Hehe

I have some ideas in my mind with these beads. But I found myself attracted to the other beads than the focal.

Okay, Claire just woke up, and as you can see, she’s playing with the beads happily -which make it’s impossible for me to take pictures from the rest of it. I’ll take some pic tomorrow, and continue this post πŸ™‚

So.. Don’t forget to check back for the rest of it πŸ™‚

See ya!!!