Yeon Deung Hoe Necklace – IWJC 2013 Contest

Whoa!! It’s been over than 2 months since my last post >.<
I’m sorry. I know I promised you to post more often. But seriously I was not in the mood for writing these last few month *I’m sorry*

Today I finally got my mood to write about something my jewelry. Besides I think the story would be too long to be put on my FB PAGE (click HERE!!!)

Latest piece I made was for Indonesia Wire Jewelry Community 2013 Contest.
This contest was held as a part of their 2nd anniversary celebration.

Main theme for this year contest is ‘Wire Jewelry Challenge’. Every entrant received a contest kit (consists of 2 cabochon) which MUST be used in their design(s). The entrant could use them in a single piece or divide them into two different pieces within a single design theme.
There are two categories: pure wire working and metalsmithing.
I applied for metalsmithing category.

So.. Here’s the kit I received:


Not my favorite materials to work with. I never seldom use that kinda cabochon before. And on top of it, I never rarely use that color combination.
This kit is absolutely won’t be my first choice in my normal circumstances.
But hey! It’s a challenge!!!
How could a challenge become challenging if you got something ordinary, right?

Drown in Korean Wave

Okay, I’m not totally drown in it. It’s just one actor. Lee Min Ho. Oh don’t let me make you yawn with his stories. I already wrote about him on my previous post lol.

So, in his latest TV series, The Great Doctor/Faith his role was a general from Goryeo dynasty (ancient Korea dynasty from 918-1392, if I remember correctly). His pictures as the brave yet handsome general were spread on various social media. And it made me think…

“What if I make something based on inspired by his character?”

When I was taking my daughter to sleep, an idea hit me like a lightning: Lantern. Custom. Korea. (And if possible) Ancient.
I browsed for those terms and found something interesting The Korean Lotus Lantern Festival.

Here are some inspiring pictures about it.


20130901-035609.jpgpics source: google

Korean Lotus Lantern Festival is an annual festival held to celebrate the birth of Buddha several thousand years ago.
It was rooted back to Goryeo Dynasty where Buddhism reached their golden era.

According to Buddhist beliefs, lanterns symbolize wisdom in that they bring light to the world. “Yeondeung,” which means lighting lantern, is an important ritual in Buddhism gives respect to Buddha. (source)

Later research on Buddhism lead me to Ashtamangala, a suite of 8 auspicious symbols which represents (Mahayana) Buddhist beliefs and usually used in their arts.
The eight symbols are: The precious Umbrella, Pair of golden fish, White Conch, Treasure Vase, Lotus, Infinite knot, Victory Banner and wheel.


What an interesting subject!!! (no offense to my Buddhist friends out there. I just love to learn about new things). So I decided to make a design based on it.

Yeon Deung Hoe necklace is born

Once I read about the Korean Lotus Lantern Festival and Ashtamangala, I just knew that I’m gonna use lotus flower on my design. I thought the yellow cabochon could represent a lantern very well.
Quoting Wikipedia

The lotus flower (Sanskrit: Padma; Tibetan: པད་མེ, Wylie: pad me), representing “primordial purity” (Tibetan: ཀ་དག, Wylie: ka dag) of body, speech, and mind, floating above the muddy waters of attachment and desire; represents the full blossoming of wholesome deeds in blissful liberation.

Other signs from the Ashtamangala that catch me was a pair of golden fish which represent harmony between happiness, freedom, wealth and unity.

The only problem was the dark green cabochon. But the answer was very clear, of course we can’t have a lotus flower alone without its leaf!!! 😀

So there it was! A necklace consists of a lotus lantern, a pair of golden fish, and a lotus leaf.

20130901-044515.jpgthe design sketch
20130901-044634.jpgbefore oxidized and colored
imageit’s me modelling it 🙂

Today I just got the news that it was selected as one of finalists in the contest!!!
Well, now they’re opening a voting session to pick the favorite winner based on ‘likes’ each piece received.
One person can only vote once (will update about it later ok?). Meanwhile if you like this design, you can vote for me HERE!!!!

Thank you very much!!! <3<3<3

PS: thank you for everyone who’s willing to jump into my messy brain and give me lots of suggestions, critics and advice ^^~


Friday Featured Piece: Matthew de Castaño ~ the cheerful hummingbird

¿cómo está

You might wonder why I use Spanish greetings.. No, I’m not taking Spanish lesson at this moment (maybe someday ).
It’s because I finally got a name for my cheerful hummingbird: Matthew de Castaño.
It sounds like Spanish name for me, so I decided to greet you all in Spanish 

Creative process of Matthew was not too complicated.
Lately my daughter really fond of RIO soundtract: Real In Rio.
She often asks me to play it on youtube so she can watch those beautiful birds sing and dance 
And everytime we watch it together, I always amazed by the colorful birds (No need to say, I’m a color-aholic ).
Those colorful birds kept dancing in my mind when I designed my entry for the contest.

There’s a lil gap, tho.
If you see the video  here you won’t find any hummingbird there. But, as I designed it, I just knew that I HAVE to make a hummingbird.

So I browsed the web for references (and an idea to accomodate the gap lol). I stumbled upon this beautiful picture of Chesnut-Breasted Coronet Hummingbird

Aaaaand I knew that I found the answer. I was looking at the answer: Chesnut-Breasted Coronet Hummingbird has almost all colors from RIO birds 
This beautiful picture was taken by Glenn Bartley. See other beautiful pictures of nature he took on his website

I grabbed my pencil and sketch book, quickly sketched down the design, picked the right druzy from my stash, wrapped it with gun metal color copper wire, added some SWAROVSKI, attached the pin, and.. VOILA!! 

3 hours later, Matthew de Castaño first appearance 

I really proud of him. He’s my 4th attempt with druzy  and he doesn’t let me down 

Permanently colored copper wire, SWAROVSKI crystals, dyed druzy

PS: Matthew de Castaño is looking for a home. He can’t wait to brightened up your day.
If you want him, just leave your comment (and your email address) below.

PSS: more collections of handcraftes jewelries by me please check my FB page out.

Glenn Bartley
The Avian Web

Me Runner Up!! :)


Remember Matthew de Castaño the cheerful hummingbird?
I submitted him for a Wire Jewelry design contest and he was selected as finalist.

I got the notification yesterday that the judges selected him as RUNNER UP  in advance category!!!

I want to say thank you for all supports during the voting session. Every LIKE you gave means so much for me, no matter what the voting result is.

Don’t miss my next behind the scene post about Matthew de Castaño!!


If you want him, just leave me comment with your email address 


Me as finalist!!

This gallery contains 2 photos.

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