Sparkling Saturday: Owh-Pal My Dreams (half) Come True :)

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Opal Cabochon I have two new babies!!!! Yeay!! I’ve been longing for (some) opal(s) since few years ago, unfortunately I couldn’t afford it at that moment. But I promised myself, I will have my own opal(s) one day (҂’̀⌣’́)9 Few … Continue reading

Sparkling Saturday: London Blue Topaz – my new treasure

Last week I got a great deal with a friend of mine. She offered me a beautiful tiny gems: a rare london blue topaz.

I’m not that kinda person who really fond of gems. Well, maybe because I don’t understand about it, and maybe because I don’t have too much spare fund for that lol.
But I always attracted by colorful and shiny sparkling things-*Okay, you can call me Ms. Magpie :D*- and this gems definitely has beeyooowteefuuul color, and irresistible shine.
It also comes with gems certificate to ensure that it’s genuine.

The most important reason why I finally bought it is: this stone perfectly suits my newest design.
It has the color I’ve been searching for, it was cut perfectly, the facets and shape are perfect for my design.

It was a big decision for me, to buy this lil treasure. And I can’t wait to hold it in my hands. It’s on its way at this moment.

Well, that’s for now. I will update you with real pictures when I get it 🙂



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Friday Featured Piece: Blissful Garden Beads

Well, another Friday Featured Piece time!!
It seems like I could only write on Friday lol.

This week I want to spotlight a talented lampwork artist: Heather Davis.

You can check her FB page, Artfire shop, and her new website.

She does amazing, almost magical, things with her beads.

Here are a few of her beads that I lucky enough to have:


Aren’t they beautiful?

She used to held challenges where several lucky participants will get her beads (FOR FREE!!! Okay, you won’t mind a few bucks for shipping if it means you can have her gorgeous beads lol) and were asked to create something out of them, based on the theme she chose.

I was lucky enough to participate in her challenge a few times. 3 times. No need to tell you that I can’thardly left my notebook during the challenge signups just to get a slot in it *wink*

I have to tell you, making beauties from her absolutely beautiful beads is easy, and difficult at the same time.

Easy, because her lovely beads always trigger many designs in my head. I can say that once I have her beads in my hand, I can create several designs in my head. More often, seeing the pictures of them could easily move my designer mood!

Difficult, because sometimes I worry if my design can’t show their beauty. Or if my color choice can’t match it perfectly. Or I simply can’t choose which design to made lol..

I don’t know if other designer feel this way about her beads, but I’m addicted to them 😀

Okay, now what are you waiting for? Go and check Heather’s beads, and you’ll know why I love them 😀


PS: the beads showed above are available for personalized order if you’re interested  ~ien

PPS: go and check my gallery if you wanna see jewelries I made from her beads ~ien