Jewelry Care Tips

Your Personalized Jewelry is often produced with non-precious metals, because of its high-cost-materials. Usually it was made of gold or silver platted, with or without synthetic or glass stone attached. Since it was made of those materials, you really need to take a good care of it, so your jewelry would last lifetime and beyond 😀

I’ll give you some tips to take care of your jewelries..

Normal care :

  • DO NOT put all of your jewelries in one place to avoid scratching. Keep it separately each and every piece. If you don’t have special storage for your jewelries, or if your jewelries came with its own storage, you can use a sealed plastic bag instead.
  • Tarnish may occur as a result of oxidation which happened when your personalized jewelry interacts with certain elements (i.e sulfur, oxygen,or certain acids). Frequently clean your personalized jewelry in a mild dishwashing liquid diluted in water, then dry it thoroughly after exposure to water.
  • always put on your jewelries AFTER you wear perfume, body lotions, hairspray, shaving cream, and other beauty products, not before your wear it.
  • Follow the storage instructions when provided. I mean it, follow it to the letter!
  • You may use fresh, uncontaminated commercial silver dip liquid, only. Use of a polish cloth, paste or other strong jewelry cleaner is not recommended.
    • using harsh chemicals, i.e: cleaning the house
    • swimming in the pool
    • doing laundry
    • taking a bath
    • experiencing fast changing temperature, i.e hot to cold, vice versa

How to clean it?

  • for your fine jewelry :
    1. use warm water and mild soap.
    2. rinse.
    3. polish with a soft cloth.
    4. dry your jewelry before storage. Both gold and silver can tarnish from it and water can leave residual water stains on your precious metals.
    5. Do not use toothpaste as its abrasives can damage softer gems and metals.
    6. Use a soft brush on harder gems to loosen any dirt around the prongs.
    7. You can try to reduce greasy build-up on diamond jewelry by dipping it in plain alcohol or vodka before soaking.

Silver Jewelries

  • Usually silver jewelry which worn on a regular basis doesn’t tarnish. Tarnish occur when it was kept for such a long time, contact with rubber bands, or there’s changes in your skin’s acidity because of medications. 
  •  Tarnish Free Silver :
    frequently clean it in a mild dishwashing liquid diluted in water, then dry it thoroughly. When tarnish already occured, clean it using uncontaminated commercial silver dip liquid, polish paste, or polish cloth. Thoroughly rinse it after cleaning and use dry soft cloth to dry it completely.

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