Necklace charts

There are lots of necklace size you’ll find. Very short ones, medium ones, or perhaps long type.

Don’t make a mistake by choosing wrong type of necklace! You’ll looked lousy and lost compliments.

Here’s a necklace charts that might help you.

Necklace chart

  • Collar (12 – 13″): this kind of necklace lies comfortably on your neck. Made of two or more strands, it compliments an evening look and matches your off-the-shoulder or v-neck tops perfectly
  • Choker (14 – 16″) : made of single or multi-strands, it lies just below your neckline to emphasize it. Perfect style for children’s necklace, and any-time-any-occassions necklace
  • Princess (17 – 19″) : You can use this kinda necklace both daytime and evening. Ideal for pendant necklaces and pearls, it compliments a crew neck and higher neckline
  • Matinee (20 – 24″) : higher neckline will be complimented with this kind of necklaces. It also well suited for professionals and casual attire
  • Opera (28 – 34″) : Ideal for classic or casual attire, and works with both crew or high neckline. Single dramatic length or knotted at the neckline
  • Rope or Lariat (over 45″) : A minimum 45″ necklace with strategic location of clasp will transform any outfit into elegant style. Can also transform into multi-strand necklace or bracelet combinations

So, what’s your necklace type?


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