Sparkling Saturday: Lee Min Ho

Oh well, I mean Hello πŸ˜‰

It’s been over than one month since my last post. Okay, two months I think. Many things happened since then: my holidays to Jogjakarta, exploring metal smithing a bit further (this time I learned how to solder metal, folding metal sheet and texturing a bit), helping a friend with her auction, and watch a lot of movies *big grin*

I will write about my holidays and exploriment (exploring and experimenting) with metal smithing later. I’m not in the mood for it when I have more interesting thing to share..

I watched a lot of movies lately. My hubby set up a DVD player and a TV for me in our spare room. So, whenever Claire sleeps, I run to that room and watch some of my favorite movies drama.
I started with Meteor Garden.

This drama series first aired over a decade ago. I was in high school back then. And yes, I was in love with those four pretty boys lol.
I found out that I still have those romantic-silly-girl inside me.. Well good to know that πŸ˜€

Next drama was Korean Drama Full House which made me giggle after nonstop-crying-session from Meteor Garden.

Then I moved to my favorite Korean Drama ever: City Hunter.
Based on Japanese Manga, this Kdrama featuring Lee Min Ho / 이민호 . I fell in love (again!) with him.
I won’t praise him too much because it might be biased. But all I can tell is: Lee Min Ho is a good actor.
I love how he put so much expression (deep ones) into his eyes.
Lee Min Ho in City Hunter

Then I started to watch his other dramas such as Boys Over Flowers, Personal Taste, Mackerel Run . I’m watching Faith at this moment, and can’t wait for his new series Heirs.

Lee Min Ho in Personal Taste

Like other fans of him (well, they called Minoz) I do a lil research about this charming actor who caught my heart.. And find out that he just launched his first album..
Well, his songs now become must-listened-to in my iTunes πŸ˜‰

Sometimes it feels like I’m acting silly. Oh c’mon, I’m married with a kid.. And still I fall for (and shamelessly called myself Minoz lol) this cute actor.
But I can’t deny that this is a good intermezzo for me. It also boost my creative mood better than before.

Hopefully I won’t watch too much and forget to work on my jewelries lol.

Lee Min Ho in his global tour for his album My Everything

PS: I do not own any of pics above.
Pic source:
All credits goes to respected owner..


A Walk To Remember and The Process Behind My Jewelries


A Walk To Remember (Nicholas Sparks, 1999) is one of my favorite book ever.
I can’t stop crying while reading it (oh well, my closest friends would tell you that I cry a lot lol).
One thing that I always remember from this story is how your life could be affected (much!!) and in positive ways by others.
And in reverse, whatever you do could affect others too!! (In positive ways too).

That brings me to a thought when one of my clients shared her story with me earlier today.
As I look back on my jewelry making journey (which is very short.. It’s just 4 years with more offs than productive times *sigh*) I found that I was -and still am- really blessed.

I’m blessed to be involved in my clients’ life milestones
I’m blessed to be involved in my clients’ memories (or remembrance of their loved ones)
I’m blessed to be involved in my clients’ stories
I’m blessed to be involved in my clients’ life
I’m blessed because there are people who trust me to make little reminder for their important events.

Most of my jewelries are personalized ones. When my clients come to me to design their jewelries, I used to ask them many many many some questions.
Some of them might think that I’m exaggerated for asking: zodiac, Chinese zodiac, hobbies, interests, birth date, favorite colors, favorite animal, favorite book, favorite movie, favorite food, blood type, favorite song, favorite artist, and millions little things.
Some of them even drawback and never come back lol.

Why must I do this?
For me, designing and creating a personalized jewelry means the jewelry should be really personal and meaningful for the wearer.
Therefore, I have to know the wearer better. These crazy millions questions are my way to get to know them better. I need to pictured the person correctly, even when I never meet them.

After I get a comprehensive pictures, I start to do some researches and contemplating until I come to a point where some bulbs light on my mind. I get my basic frame or theme for the jewelry.
Some more researches to get more specific ideas, and more researches to implement those ideas into some basic designs.

Sketching my basic designs is the next step. I start to sketch several basic designs that comes to my mind and some modifications of them. Then I have to discuss about them with my clients. We discuss about the size, colors, and materials for the design. Some revisions might occur, and some new sketches have to be drawn.
Another discussions to get all things settled, and I can start to hunt for the materials.

Yes, I do hunt for specific materials needed/requested for my clients. I don’t want to limit my designs to onhand supplies of mine. If needed, I would spend weeks or months to get the perfect materials (of course if my client really want it). But if my clients don’t want to wait that long, and they’re willing to accept modifications or alternative materials, then I can continue to the next step πŸ™‚
-Surprisingly, some of my clients are willing to wait THAT LONG as long as they can have the jewelries of their dreams.

Creating process begin right after I get all materials needed. I use to take progress pictures and send them to my clients so they could ask for revision or modifications along the process.
And while I’m working on it, I use to pray and send positive thoughts into the jewelry, I think about the wearer-to-be, and wish her/him a good luck. Sometimes it feels like I put some parts of myself and my soul inside my jewelries. Me and my friend Renata used to have joke about this and call it ‘horcrux’ (yeah, I’m a big fan of Harry Potter lol), because it really feels like that.
And that’s why I really don’t wanna make any Jewelries when I’m not in a good mood. I don’t wanna keep those negative things in my Jewelries.

Some of my clients are willing to share their stories with me and their stories really touch me. And yes, makes me feel blessed and honored to be part of it.

I just wanna say thank you so much for trusting me to be a lil part of your stories ❀



Great news at the end of the day :)

I love surprises, especially GOOD surprises πŸ™‚
Tonight as I lay down on my bed and start to sort my emails I received this newsletter from Fire Mountain Gems & Beads:


Oh wow!!!
I’m speechless now and I’m not sure I will fall asleep as soon as I wanted before.. Well, not with this ear to ear smile on my face lol..

Oh wow!!!


Don’t bother me, just go ahead and have a nice day/noon/evening wherever you are..


Oh WOW!!!!

7th Bead Soup Blog Party Reveal!!!

Finally after some flus, headaches and several mood swings, I managed to finished this project.

Not the best of me, I admit, but I will make something that’s more ‘me’ when I feel the urge..

Like I mentioned in my previous post, my partner’s beads never arrived at my house, and so does mine.
My partner Christina sent me gorgeous bead soup (I’m sure) but somehow someway it seemed disappear >.<

However Lilikkindheartedly sent me an emergency bead soup.
I really thank her for this.

Her bead soup was very challenging.
The combinations were not those I would usually picked. But hey, it’s not an ordinary ocassion! So I came up with several ideas, but really can’t realize them all but these two:



The first one is a recycle from an old piece. I took my Hibiscus Garden pendant and attached it to a chain, using both cute enameled flower clasps Lili sent me.

The second one is a keychain. My first key chain actually πŸ™‚
I used one of those green petals sent to me as a back ground and formed a hibiscus with permanently colored copper wire.
A pink bead was attached to give accent to it.
I’m pretty pleased with how they turned out.

I still have some beads left, and probably will work on them when I can.
I will also post some pics of them πŸ™‚

You can visit all beautiful pieces revealed this time by visiting this link
Do take your time to see each and every unique pieces there πŸ™‚

Thank you so much!!


PS: and thank you so much, Lori for hosting this awesome event!!! ❀

BSBP7 updates: I’m stuck!!!!

Yes, today is April 19th..
Tomorrow should be the reveal day for me.
And I haven’t make anything out of my bead soup. I know, last time I said that I had some ideas for my soup.
But I can’t feel the urge or at least the right mood to do it 😦

(Un)fortunately the reveal date has been postponed for a week, so maybe I can get the right mood (or if I can’t, push myself) to work on it.
Hopefully *smile*

However, there are already two reveal groups for BSBP7. You can find the links for it here.
Do take sometime to have a peek and hopping from one blog to another! You’ll enjoy it πŸ™‚





7th Bead Soup Blog Party: my (emergency) bead soup reveal :) Part 1

On my previous post I mentioned my participation in the 7th Bead Soup Blog Party (BSBP).
I sent my bead soup to my partner Christina from FengBeads on February.
But unfortunately, it seems she hasn’t received my bead soup and so do I.. Not to mention weird-things-that-ate-all-my-emails-to-her-so-we-lost-contacts-for-about-a-month *sigh*
So.. I’m kinda stuck here with no soup in my hands and the reveal date is getting closer *ouch*

Lori, our hostess suggested me to post this matters in the group. Luckily, Lili Krist kindheartedly willing to send me an emergency soup.

I received the package today.
To be honest, these are not the kinda beads I used to play with πŸ™‚
I rarely use dark colors with big size. And I tend to use bright colors with its gradations.
So yeah, this soup is a challenge for me. A big challenge.

Here they are:

The focal beads

The clasps and some stones beads

And this is Claire, playing with those beads.. Hehe

I have some ideas in my mind with these beads. But I found myself attracted to the other beads than the focal.

Okay, Claire just woke up, and as you can see, she’s playing with the beads happily -which make it’s impossible for me to take pictures from the rest of it. I’ll take some pic tomorrow, and continue this post πŸ™‚

So.. Don’t forget to check back for the rest of it πŸ™‚

See ya!!!



Exploring Metalsmithing A Bit Further

Saturday nite, 2 weeks ago.
I can’t sleep even though it’s already 2 AM.
Something was bothering me so much. So, I have a design for one of three (yes, now I have three lol) opals.
I’ve sketched the design, ordered the materials, and wait for them anxiously just to find out that…….
My opal was TOO SMALL for my design *sigh*
Okay, blame me for this but my spatial ability was a bit low lol..

So, what should I do? I really couldn’t stand the ‘leave the design and move on’ thoughts.
I can’t afford to buy a bigger opal with such a beautiful color play.
I don’t wanna change the gems into let’s say a druzy..

I was thinking of labradorite or rainbow moonstone, but I don’t have any of them. That means another tiring hunt for materials.. And I really have to finish this piece before the end of March.
So that’s not a good solution.

I drove my friend, Renata, mad with this matter by asking her to find in her gorgeous collections of gems a perfect one for me lol
(I owe you much hehe)

Then I remembered a small fine silver sheet I ordered few months ago.. It’s just 4″ x 4″ of 0.3 mm fine silver sheet, but I thought it could work.

My plan was to cut the fine silver sheet into a leaf shape, then drill some tiny holes onto it, and net-bezel my tiny opal onto it.
Pretty simple, right?

So I did it. At about 2 AM in the morning.
I cut the metal sheet using small scissors (okay, I used Claire’s manicure scissors because I can’t find my scissors hehe)
After heating it with my torch I formed wavy edges using my pliers.
I set up my flexshaft, and drilled some holes onto it. I even managed to sand and file the sharp edges!!
Finally, I used very fine sterling silver wire (I guess it was 30 or 32 gauge) to net bezel the opal onto it.
I tied it to the base wire using excess wire from the net bezel.

Here it is πŸ™‚


Well, I’m pretty pleased with how it turned out. And pretty proud of myself *insert BIG GRIN here*

It was about 3.30 AM when I finished the process. And I could sleep peacefully..



Holiday!!! Cipanas Garut – part 1

Hi!!! I’m sending you warm greeting from my warm whirlpool here πŸ™‚

Yes, I’m enjoying 3D/2N holiday with my parents here in Cipanas, Garut (West Java, Indonesia lol).
There are only 5 of us: me, Claire, my dad, my mom, and my grandma.
Garut is my mom’s hometown. She was born and lived there before moved to Bandung.

We stay at Kampung Sumber Alam, one of many natural hot spring water resorts here in Cipanas.
Our bungalow has its own whirlpool, right on our front yard.. Heaven!!
No need to say Claire keep trying to get herself wet all the time.

Our whirlpool πŸ™‚

My bedroom

Our first day was pretty cool. We had our lunch at Asep Stroberi: Sundanese restaurant with beautiful scenery. There’s play ground, big fish pond, bamboo bridge across the pond, and some floating “saung” (hut made of bamboo and thatched roof) where we could eat.
They even provide some mini vehicles for rent: ATV, mini rickshaw, bicycle.
I rent a mini rickshaw and took Claire for several laps around provided track.


Tomorrow I’m gonna try mini outbound and their big swimming pool. And take some pictures if its possible lol…
Good nite!!!



My Bead Soup for Christina – teaser only :)

2nd step for Bead Soup Blog Party participants is sending the soup to their partners.
And I just did it!
Hopefully they’ll arrived safe and sound and of course, right on time πŸ™‚

Meanwhile the soups are on their way, we were expected to post a teaser of our soup.
So here it is!!20130214-120033.jpg

It’s not easy for me to pick which beads to send. I consulted this with Lori several times and she was very supportive.

I want to tell you more detailed ingredients of my soup, but that’ll ruin the real joy of this event.. Sooooo..
Please be patient, meanwhile I’m waiting for Christina’s soup for me πŸ™‚




Ienmagination’s Jewelry – FenG Beads : 7th Bead Soup Blog Party partners


This year I finally participate in the 7th Bead Soup Blog Party (BSBP).
It’s a fun event where all kind of jewelers were got partnered and then send a bead soup to our partner. Then our partners should use those beads to make something. Additional beads from personal collections are okay, but you have to use focal piece and clasp sent by your partner.

What is a bead soup? How can I make a bead soup?
A bead soup consists of a focal piece, a clasp (no lobster clasp, please) and some coordinating beads.
When I make my soup I tried to imagine what will my partner make with it. Unfornately, I can’t imagine it.. Alas, I imagine what will I make 😦 silly me..

Each participants have to upload received soup and what they come up with it on their blog. Then we are expected to visit other blogs. Hopefully we could visit all blogs.
To see complete list of each participants please see here.

This year there are over 500 participants in this event, and our hostess, <a href=";>Lori Anderson was so busy pairing us together. In the middle of her bad migraine, she still tried to make all things done. Thank you so much, Lori!!

Oh my, I almost forgot to tell you my partner he he he..
My partner is Christina Stofmeel from FenG Beads. She makes beautiful Lampwork beads and also beautiful jewelries!
Go and check her websites, I guarantee you’ll ‘aaaaah’-ing and ‘oooooh’-ing a lot (I know, I did that too lol).

Now I can’t wait to get my soup πŸ™‚

Stay tuned, fellas!!