Tuesday Tools: Micro Torch

In my annual review I’ve mentioned about my new torches. Now I want to review them a bit.

I bought two torches. The first one is IRODA PT-200, and the second one is REDFOX. Both could produce 1300 F heat.
So, why should I bought two torches? What’s the difference between those torches? Torches are the same, aren’t they?

Okay, here’s the pic of those two torches.


As you can see, Iroda has a built in butane tank, meanwhile Redfox doesn’t.
Another difference is the flame: flame produced by Iroda has ‘pointed’ end, Redfox produces ‘wild’ flame.

Now let’s see each torch’s setbacks and advantages.

Iroda has compact and good look. It also fit in your hand 🙂

Like I mentioned before, Iroda has built in butane tank.
All you have to do to fill it is connect you butane to the hole at the bottom of it.


But you have to use long nozzle butane gas.


The problem is, if I use Iroda to make balled end with thick wire (let’s say 20 gauge wire or thicker), it will take longer time and sometimes, I used to run out butane in the tank before the wire even melt 😦

Iroda’s advantage is its pointed end flame. Some of my friends said that it could be used for metal soldering *yeay* because of this character.
I’m sorry, I can’t do metal soldering YET, so I can’t give you valuable input. But will update on this matter once I can do it 🙂

If Iroda is good looking torch, I can’t say the same thing with my Redfox. It looks like ordinary hardware tools.
Well, my suppliers said that it used to be bought for plumbing *sigh*
And of course it doesn’t fit in my hand (I have pretty small hand tho, lol).

Redfox doesn’t have built in butane tank, so you have to connect it directly to the portable butane gas tank. But remember, only short nozzled one 🙂


This way, you don’t have to worry about running out of butane while heating thicker wire *grin*
And it takes very fast to make balled end on thicker wire. Less than 5 minutes for 20 gauge wire according to my last project 🙂

On the other side, Redfox produces a rather wild flame comparing to Iroda. It has a wide and flaring end instead of pointed one. So I’m not sure if you could use it for soldering (tiny parts).

My Personal Use
At this moment, I prefer to use Redfox for ‘time saving’ reason. I don’t have to refill the gas every half an hour, and I don’t have to wait too long to get my wire end balled up.

This doesn’t mean Iroda is not good, I’m sure once I learn about soldering it will be a good tool for me 🙂

That’s my review for my (beloved) torches. Hope I made myself clear enough lol