Tulips everywhere!

Hello there!!

Lately I was flooded by ideas inspired by flowers, specially tulips. There are other flower-related ideas too but I haven’t get the muse to work on them so I just sketched them down and wait for the perfect mood 🙂

So far since I started making wire jewelries back in 2009, I’ve made 3 tulip designs: a jewelry set in late 2009 and two pins/brooches this year.
There’s almost 5 years gap between those designs, and I make a good progress (well, at least in my own opinion lol).
Let’s see them all ^^

First design & the beginner’s flaws
The first tulip design was a jewelry set made for myself. I wore it on the wedding of my husband’s (that time he’s still my boyfriend hehe) cousin.
My first tulip design

You can see so many flaws and that the designs were so simple.
That ring weren’t constructed very well. I only thought how to realize my design without considering its wearability. Maybe it’s a beginner’s weakness.
I have to admit that the ring caught on my clothes and bag. And I had to repair it every time it happened.

I’ve learned my lessons, and I try my best to improve the wearability of my designs.

Latest designs…
This year I make 2 tulip designs. Both are pins/brooches.

Black Tulip Pin

Tulips Bouquet Pin

Both were made with same methods. Every stones and wires wrapped all at once. No re-wrap or wire joints being woven twice.

I also made the pin by myself. This way I can control both the front and the back side of each brooch. Both wrapped neatly, no wire mess crossing behind the focal cabochons.

Can you see the improvement? Can you point my mistakes and flaws? And will you be kind (and patience) enough to tell me those mistakes?
I would love to hear what you think about these pins I made.

For more detailed pictures please visit my FB page

Thank you so much, and see you on next post.




Eid Mubarak!

After 30 days of fasting, now it’s time to celebrate. Time to apologize for our mistakes and forgive others.

I wanna greet all my Moslem friends, wherever you are.
Eid Mubarak!
I hope this blessed day will bring you all love, joy and happiness along with your loved ones.

I made this wire mosque last night from raw copper wire.
It was made from a single wire.
I’m sorry for the clumsy shape 😦 I hope you all would love it: the art from my depeest heart.

Size approx. 65mm on its widest part.
20140728-003226-1946724.jpgother edited version of the picture I made. This one is in lighter hues

My Best Friend Wedding – Mo Anam Cara

Several hours left before my Best Friend’s wedding. At this touchy moment, please let me share a bit about the three of us.

We met almost 25 years ago in kindergarten and became Best Friends since then. As mentioned before, there are three of us: me -the most annoying one. Oh you can count on me to get into trouble faster than your eyes blink lol-, Retno -the bride to be, our singer wannabe lol-, and Inge -youngest one, but once she pretended to be the oldest, pfffttttt.

Lately I had a pretty big problems with Retno, and put Inge in a quite difficult position (I’m sorry!!!). I got mad at her over some problems but I can not say it assertively. Instead I kept it inside and it made me feel bad.
Few days ago, I wrote on my facebook status how I feel. Being a bad friend, I had no courage to tell her how I feel. That made me feel bad. And started to blame her, and then started to blame myself, and then started to blame other people. After I vent I feel better, much better.

I won’t tell you the details, I don’t wanna bored you to death with this thing. I just wanna say that after I vent I come to realize that I love her so much, that I don’t wanna let anyone ruin our friendship, and that I can’t keep my anger too long.

I decided I wanna give her a special wedding gift. Something I make with my own hand. Something to represent our friendship.
I came up with this design
Based on Celtic knots for friendship and it’s spiritual beliefs about soul bonding and connecting, this design incorporate natural gemstones and wrapped in 999 fine silver.

Mo Anam Cara (pronounced: muh ann-imm karrah) is a Gaelic phrase for soul-sister.
Celtic spiritual believe that actually soul radiates over physical bodies and it make contact with other souls around. When two (maybe more) souls meet and form deep bond between them, it is said that they have found their Anam Cara. (source).

In this design each dents and asymmetric parts are left as it is intentionally, as a reminder that our friendship might encounter troubles and differences, and that it’s not perfect at all. But in the end, I realize that I love her so much that it will top over every problems we have.

Peridot is her birthstone which is said enhances the healing and harmony of relationships of all kind, particularly marriage. More about peridot can be read here
I really hope she will live a happy marriage, ever after.

Happy Wedding Day, sis!!!!!

Mo Anam Cara Pendant

Natural peridot, 999 fine silver, pre-made 925 sterling silver chain

Approx. 38mm height including bail and 23mm on its widest part

Until next post,

Friday Featured : Dance of The Phoenix Series

I love Harry Potter series. It really drives my imaginations gone wild!
These designs are the results.

There are many magical creatures in Harry Potter, among all Fawkes is my favorite. Not to mention unicorns 🙂
When I read the books, I always imagine how Fawkes flies, how he burnt into ashes and rebirth, his loyalty, his bravery, his song, and so on. I kept the ideas in my mind, and didn’t know what to do, until several weeks ago the designs came up.

The very first design of this series named The Path to Heaven.
It was made of 999 fine silver wire, soldered and hammered then oxidized to give it depth. Unfortunately it came up a lot like Keri Luiz from Pheonyx Art logo. When she mentioned it, I was shocked and feel bad because I don’t wanna offend anyone with my design.
However the problem was settled in a very civilized manner. I will have to modify the design if I ever make it again, which is a good thing to do so I can have my own design instead of something similar with someone else’s identity.

Here it is, the first design

And this is the modified design, in progress


The Circle Has No Ends is the next design I came up.
It shows a Phoenix in a circle pose, where its head and tail met. It represents the death and rebirth cycle of a Phoenix.

Here it is

The 3rd design was named Wind Rider. It was made of a single wire, without any soldered joint. I’ve created two version of this design: a copper brooch with handmade pin, and a silver pendant.


I really hope you like this series 🙂

Until next post,


PS: to see other art works of mine, please visit my FB Page
Many thanks!!!

Friday Featured : The unicorn

Last night I supposed to work on some personalized orders, but I really couldn’t get a thing out of my mind: UNICORN!!!
It felt like there was something knocking, and running, and stomping, and neighing inside my head. We’ll it might sound exaggerated, but believe me it did happened.

Long story short, a picture from Tweakster at DeviantArt stole my eyes. So I decided to give it a try with wire. My challenge was to make it out of a single wire.

About an hour and some feet of 16 gauge bare copper wire later, I came up with this..


What do you think?

It’s just about 5 cm from top to bottom. Well, smaller than my palm.

More details please visit my FB page

See you!!

~ ien

Sweet Sunday: Tiny Angel Pendant FOR SALE

It’s October already!
Somehow it feels like time flies this year. 2013 new year eve seems like yesterday, and now we’re already preparing for Halloween and Thanksgiving…

These few past days I’ve been quite busy with my new design: tiny angel pendants.
Derived from guardian archangels and birthstone concept, I designed these tiny pendants. Each made of 999 fine silver wire, individually formed and made by me from scratch. And adorned by Swarovski crystal in birthstone colors.

While I made these tiny pendants, I imagined everyone who might wear it -a little girl, a teenager, a newly wed, someone’s grandmother, a mother,and so on- and pray for them to be guided by their guardian angel.
A little girl I said? Yep!
You’re not misread, nor I mistyped it.
This delicate tiny angels are not as fragile as you think. I put it on my little girl -she’s just TWO- for a day, and this tiny angel survived 🙂

If you’re looking for a sweet little birthday gift, or maybe Christmas gift this pendant will surely fit your needs ^^v
They are $35.00 each and don’t worry about the shipping cost (because I live far away here), it’s FREE SHIPPING WORLD WIDE.

Had you interested in my tiny angels, just drop me a message on my FB PAGE or email me at ienmaginations.jewelry@gmail.com

Until next post,


Great news at the end of the day :)

I love surprises, especially GOOD surprises 🙂
Tonight as I lay down on my bed and start to sort my emails I received this newsletter from Fire Mountain Gems & Beads:


Oh wow!!!
I’m speechless now and I’m not sure I will fall asleep as soon as I wanted before.. Well, not with this ear to ear smile on my face lol..

Oh wow!!!


Don’t bother me, just go ahead and have a nice day/noon/evening wherever you are..


Oh WOW!!!!


Sparkling Saturday: Owh-Pal My Dreams (half) Come True :)

This gallery contains 4 photos.

Opal Cabochon I have two new babies!!!! Yeay!! I’ve been longing for (some) opal(s) since few years ago, unfortunately I couldn’t afford it at that moment. But I promised myself, I will have my own opal(s) one day (҂’̀⌣’́)9 Few … Continue reading

I <3 U ~ client loyalty programs 2013

<img class="alignnone size-full" src="https://ienmaginationsjewelry.files.wordpress.com/2013/01/garnet-heart1.jpg" alt="I

Time flies, and now we’re approaching the end of January.
When I look back to previous years, I realized that I owe my clients very much!

Every special request, each specific details, every discussion, each obstacle and each design created took me to a new level in my jewelry making journey.
I do owe you all.

I decide to make a client loyalty program, starting this year, to thank all of you my beloved clients.
if you have any idea or suggestion for this program please leave your comment under this post, or send me an email, or leave message on my FB page.

I ❤ U ~ Client Loyalty Program

  • Birthday gift certificate: get special birthday gift certificate valued 25% OFF your order on your birthday!!
  • Pay It Forward: Get additional 5% OFF for every referral order from your friends. Make sure your friends tell me that you send them when they place an order.
  • Thanks for coming back!!!: Get 10% OFF for your next orders
  • Terms & Conditions:

      promotional discounts are valid only for existing clients of Ienmagination’s Jewelry

      promotional discount CAN NOT be used with other discount, except for Pay It Forward code

      Birthday Gift certificate valid for one month from your birthday date, please provide me with your birthday on your first order

      Promotional discounts CAN NOT be applied to shipping and handling fee

    Once again, thank you so much!!!

    Tuesday Tools: Micro Torch

    In my annual review I’ve mentioned about my new torches. Now I want to review them a bit.

    I bought two torches. The first one is IRODA PT-200, and the second one is REDFOX. Both could produce 1300 F heat.
    So, why should I bought two torches? What’s the difference between those torches? Torches are the same, aren’t they?

    Okay, here’s the pic of those two torches.


    As you can see, Iroda has a built in butane tank, meanwhile Redfox doesn’t.
    Another difference is the flame: flame produced by Iroda has ‘pointed’ end, Redfox produces ‘wild’ flame.

    Now let’s see each torch’s setbacks and advantages.

    Iroda has compact and good look. It also fit in your hand 🙂

    Like I mentioned before, Iroda has built in butane tank.
    All you have to do to fill it is connect you butane to the hole at the bottom of it.


    But you have to use long nozzle butane gas.


    The problem is, if I use Iroda to make balled end with thick wire (let’s say 20 gauge wire or thicker), it will take longer time and sometimes, I used to run out butane in the tank before the wire even melt 😦

    Iroda’s advantage is its pointed end flame. Some of my friends said that it could be used for metal soldering *yeay* because of this character.
    I’m sorry, I can’t do metal soldering YET, so I can’t give you valuable input. But will update on this matter once I can do it 🙂

    If Iroda is good looking torch, I can’t say the same thing with my Redfox. It looks like ordinary hardware tools.
    Well, my suppliers said that it used to be bought for plumbing *sigh*
    And of course it doesn’t fit in my hand (I have pretty small hand tho, lol).

    Redfox doesn’t have built in butane tank, so you have to connect it directly to the portable butane gas tank. But remember, only short nozzled one 🙂


    This way, you don’t have to worry about running out of butane while heating thicker wire *grin*
    And it takes very fast to make balled end on thicker wire. Less than 5 minutes for 20 gauge wire according to my last project 🙂

    On the other side, Redfox produces a rather wild flame comparing to Iroda. It has a wide and flaring end instead of pointed one. So I’m not sure if you could use it for soldering (tiny parts).

    My Personal Use
    At this moment, I prefer to use Redfox for ‘time saving’ reason. I don’t have to refill the gas every half an hour, and I don’t have to wait too long to get my wire end balled up.

    This doesn’t mean Iroda is not good, I’m sure once I learn about soldering it will be a good tool for me 🙂

    That’s my review for my (beloved) torches. Hope I made myself clear enough lol