Tuesday Tool: Round nose pliers & Cutter pliers

Today I wanna shared about ROUND NOSE PLIERS & FLUSH CUTTERS. I’m sure if you’re making jewelry, you’re familiar with these pliers.

My first tool when I started making jewelry was a round nose plier and a cutter plier. Both of them belong to my mother. I borrowed them from her. Nooo, she never make any jewelry. She used to make some handicrafts using them. I wish I could share their pictures, but I have returned them to my mom. Maybe later, when I visit my mom, I’ll take some pictures of them 🙂

Next round nose plier and cutter plier of mine was a gift. I participated in a challenge held by Nilma Hoffman, one of my fave jewelry artisan. She challenged us (new wire workers) to make flower theme jewelries. I submitted an entry. A simple tulip earrings. And.. erm.. I won the basic category :p Nilma sent me these pliers as the prize.

I love the colors, but the joints wasn’t very good I think (or maybe I used it carelessly). After several months my round nose plier can’t help me make any detailed curves, loop, and other parts. It kept slipping through the wire, and scratched it >.<

So I know it’s time for me to buy new pliers! I found these high tech series. They are quite affordable (for me), very light in weight, and has comfortable grip 🙂

Here they are, my round nose plier and flush cutters!

For you who doesn’t familiar with these tools, here are some brief explanation for them.

They are basic tools you need for jewelry making.

Round nose pliers are pliers with conical jaws and are used for making loops in wire. I used this pliers to make ear wires, loops, eye pins, swirls, curves, spirals, and almost everything! Meanwhile ordinary wire cutter leaves both end of cut wire sharp and pointed, a flush cutter is leaves one end of the cut wire flush or flat, while the opposite end of the cut wire is sharp or pointed. It gives clean and tidy look to your jewelry!!

I feel so happy with my round nose and flush cutter at this moment. They’re my wire wrapping soul mate 🙂

See you on next Tuesday Tools!



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