Sparkling Saturday: Sexy rought tanzanite

Hullo!!! *snort*
I still get this flu and sore throat and terrible coughs. My nose is already turned red few days ago. And I keep *snort* all day long.

Okay, that’s it! I don’t wanna make you bored with my rants about this *snort* influenza. Let’s talk about something beautiful: newest addition to my blinking sparkling gemstones stash (doesn’t mean I have many of them lol).

Today’s sparkle comes from my new baby. A rough tanzanite. I got great deal :p

Okay, let’s see it (at least what the seller said to me)..
It’s a natural tanzanite, not a glass or synthetic ones. I have to believe him at this point, because I have to send the stone to a gemologist if I wanna check it.
It’s green with some shades of purple on the edge. It’s almost blue where the green touch purple.. These colours reminds me of Aegean Sea (No, I haven’t been there YET. Just some world wide web trip there lol)
The shape reminds me of Swarovski’s baroque pendant, with more asymmetry and rough edges, and no holes on it.

Here it is:


Closer look 😀


Isn’t it pretty?
Oh yes, I can see you nod your head.
I can even hear your ‘ooooooh’s and ‘aaaaaaaah’s lol.

Biggest problem now: what should I do with it?
I can’t drill a hole through it by myself. I must go to a metalsmith, or gemstones worker to have it drilled- which is impossible with my conditions at this moment. And to be honest, I don’t want to do it.

I can’t make my own metal bezel because I can’t do metalsmith.. And I think metal bezel will screw it backside.

I think I want some reversible design for this baby. Do you have any idea where I could find some references? Or do you have other suggestions?