My Monday – A Year in Review: 2012 (Part 1)

I can’t believe it’s new year eve (again!).
Feels like we just stepped into 2012 and now we’re heading to 2013.

What have I done in 2012?
What have I reached in 2012?
Did I reach my 2012 goals?
Did I learn new things in 2012?
Did I take my jewelry making skill to new levels this year?

*Be sure you take a good position to read, this post is gonna be a long post lol*

New Techniques
This year I did learned some new techniques:

    Spike techniques
    Setting stone without netted bezel or prong
    How to use flexshaft
    How to make balled end

I planned to write about these techniques, but haven’t get the time (yeah yeah yeah, same old excuse -I know)

I hope these techniques could take my jewelry design and making journey to next chapter 🙂

New Tools
This year, specially during these last 2 months I decided to invest on some new tools -excluding replacing my old standard tools with new standard tools, lol.

I hope these tools can help me improve my skills, and my jewelries quality.
Have I told you before that I am that kinda person who always try to use finding objects around me instead of buying tools? Yes, I’m that kinda person. I always think that it’s better for me to save the money for materials than tools.
Maybe that’s because jewelry making hasn’t become a full time job for me. It’s more like a stress reliever and a hobby for me.
Or maybe because I haven’t make too much sales so tools investment is not my primary concern.
Therefore, if I buy any tools, that would be something irreplaceable (is it a real word?)

So here are my new tools:

    Micro torches (yes, I got TWO!!!)
    Caliper for beads and stones
    Needle nose pliers
    Lightbox and led lamp
    Some jewelry displays
    Wire burr/wire rounder
    US standard size ring iron mandrel (the old ones has innacurate size I think, and was made of wood)
    Acrylic ring sizer

Pretty much investment for someone like me. But I’m sure they’ll be usefull :p

Hey!!!! It’s new year already here..
may this year brings us health, joy, prosperity and success 🙂

Guess I better stop here.
We’re gonna have our annual prayers 😀

See ya!!!!

2013, here we come!!!!!