A Walk To Remember and The Process Behind My Jewelries


A Walk To Remember (Nicholas Sparks, 1999) is one of my favorite book ever.
I can’t stop crying while reading it (oh well, my closest friends would tell you that I cry a lot lol).
One thing that I always remember from this story is how your life could be affected (much!!) and in positive ways by others.
And in reverse, whatever you do could affect others too!! (In positive ways too).

That brings me to a thought when one of my clients shared her story with me earlier today.
As I look back on my jewelry making journey (which is very short.. It’s just 4 years with more offs than productive times *sigh*) I found that I was -and still am- really blessed.

I’m blessed to be involved in my clients’ life milestones
I’m blessed to be involved in my clients’ memories (or remembrance of their loved ones)
I’m blessed to be involved in my clients’ stories
I’m blessed to be involved in my clients’ life
I’m blessed because there are people who trust me to make little reminder for their important events.

Most of my jewelries are personalized ones. When my clients come to me to design their jewelries, I used to ask them many many many some questions.
Some of them might think that I’m exaggerated for asking: zodiac, Chinese zodiac, hobbies, interests, birth date, favorite colors, favorite animal, favorite book, favorite movie, favorite food, blood type, favorite song, favorite artist, and millions little things.
Some of them even drawback and never come back lol.

Why must I do this?
For me, designing and creating a personalized jewelry means the jewelry should be really personal and meaningful for the wearer.
Therefore, I have to know the wearer better. These crazy millions questions are my way to get to know them better. I need to pictured the person correctly, even when I never meet them.

After I get a comprehensive pictures, I start to do some researches and contemplating until I come to a point where some bulbs light on my mind. I get my basic frame or theme for the jewelry.
Some more researches to get more specific ideas, and more researches to implement those ideas into some basic designs.

Sketching my basic designs is the next step. I start to sketch several basic designs that comes to my mind and some modifications of them. Then I have to discuss about them with my clients. We discuss about the size, colors, and materials for the design. Some revisions might occur, and some new sketches have to be drawn.
Another discussions to get all things settled, and I can start to hunt for the materials.

Yes, I do hunt for specific materials needed/requested for my clients. I don’t want to limit my designs to onhand supplies of mine. If needed, I would spend weeks or months to get the perfect materials (of course if my client really want it). But if my clients don’t want to wait that long, and they’re willing to accept modifications or alternative materials, then I can continue to the next step 🙂
-Surprisingly, some of my clients are willing to wait THAT LONG as long as they can have the jewelries of their dreams.

Creating process begin right after I get all materials needed. I use to take progress pictures and send them to my clients so they could ask for revision or modifications along the process.
And while I’m working on it, I use to pray and send positive thoughts into the jewelry, I think about the wearer-to-be, and wish her/him a good luck. Sometimes it feels like I put some parts of myself and my soul inside my jewelries. Me and my friend Renata used to have joke about this and call it ‘horcrux’ (yeah, I’m a big fan of Harry Potter lol), because it really feels like that.
And that’s why I really don’t wanna make any Jewelries when I’m not in a good mood. I don’t wanna keep those negative things in my Jewelries.

Some of my clients are willing to share their stories with me and their stories really touch me. And yes, makes me feel blessed and honored to be part of it.

I just wanna say thank you so much for trusting me to be a lil part of your stories ❤