Sparkling Saturday: Owh-Pal My Dreams (half) Come True :)

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Opal Cabochon I have two new babies!!!! Yeay!! I’ve been longing for (some) opal(s) since few years ago, unfortunately I couldn’t afford it at that moment. But I promised myself, I will have my own opal(s) one day (҂’̀⌣’́)9 Few … Continue reading

My Monday: last week in review -> not too productive

Happy Monday!!!

How’s your weekend? I hope it was a great one. Mine was great too. Well, I didn’t go to somewhere specials, but I did have a great Saturday evening at my parent’s house (that’s not a special place, that’s A VERY special place).

Within this few weeks I’ve been quite busy preparing and coordinating a free basic metalsmithing class. Nooo, I won’t be the teacher. I’ll be one of the participants.
Why did I say ‘preparing and coordinating’?
We have to step back a bit, to my previous post (about Perhiasan Kawat, an informal group of some Indonesian wire workers)
Have you read it? Oh you have.. Thank you 🙂

Desia, the group founder, managed to make a free basic metalsmithing class, which will be taught by Al Margono (goldsmith/silversmith/and owner of Bengkel 13 – a manufacturer of custom jewelry).
This class will be held on mid November, and I was ‘honored’ to be the coordinator.

So, the main tools we’ll use is a flexshaft. Last Saturday I bought some flexshafts for all participants, and some hand torch.
Now I can hardly wait to try them lol.

I surely will share something from the class once I have time to write 😀

Last week I also considering to buy fine silver and gold-filled wire. Since these wires are pricey, I never use them (nor have them in stock) until today. But my newest design requires these wires. Well I think you’ll agree with me: a natural london blue topaz deserves fine silver and gold filled wire to wrap it, right?

I learned new technique too: spike technique. Unfortunately, I didn’t post anything about it lol. next Thursday, maybe 😉
I learned this technique to complete my newest design. I think this technique will be perfect for it.

What else did I do? Oh yes! I started to work on a custom order, using this spike technique too 🙂

Enough for last week.. Now for today: I just made my first balled-end wire 🙂
Just tried it and I think I’ve made it pretty good. Now I’m all ready for my london blue topaz..

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