Tulips everywhere!

Hello there!!

Lately I was flooded by ideas inspired by flowers, specially tulips. There are other flower-related ideas too but I haven’t get the muse to work on them so I just sketched them down and wait for the perfect mood 🙂

So far since I started making wire jewelries back in 2009, I’ve made 3 tulip designs: a jewelry set in late 2009 and two pins/brooches this year.
There’s almost 5 years gap between those designs, and I make a good progress (well, at least in my own opinion lol).
Let’s see them all ^^

First design & the beginner’s flaws
The first tulip design was a jewelry set made for myself. I wore it on the wedding of my husband’s (that time he’s still my boyfriend hehe) cousin.
My first tulip design

You can see so many flaws and that the designs were so simple.
That ring weren’t constructed very well. I only thought how to realize my design without considering its wearability. Maybe it’s a beginner’s weakness.
I have to admit that the ring caught on my clothes and bag. And I had to repair it every time it happened.

I’ve learned my lessons, and I try my best to improve the wearability of my designs.

Latest designs…
This year I make 2 tulip designs. Both are pins/brooches.

Black Tulip Pin

Tulips Bouquet Pin

Both were made with same methods. Every stones and wires wrapped all at once. No re-wrap or wire joints being woven twice.

I also made the pin by myself. This way I can control both the front and the back side of each brooch. Both wrapped neatly, no wire mess crossing behind the focal cabochons.

Can you see the improvement? Can you point my mistakes and flaws? And will you be kind (and patience) enough to tell me those mistakes?
I would love to hear what you think about these pins I made.

For more detailed pictures please visit my FB page

Thank you so much, and see you on next post.




Sweet Sunday: Tiny Angel Pendant FOR SALE

It’s October already!
Somehow it feels like time flies this year. 2013 new year eve seems like yesterday, and now we’re already preparing for Halloween and Thanksgiving…

These few past days I’ve been quite busy with my new design: tiny angel pendants.
Derived from guardian archangels and birthstone concept, I designed these tiny pendants. Each made of 999 fine silver wire, individually formed and made by me from scratch. And adorned by Swarovski crystal in birthstone colors.

While I made these tiny pendants, I imagined everyone who might wear it -a little girl, a teenager, a newly wed, someone’s grandmother, a mother,and so on- and pray for them to be guided by their guardian angel.
A little girl I said? Yep!
You’re not misread, nor I mistyped it.
This delicate tiny angels are not as fragile as you think. I put it on my little girl -she’s just TWO- for a day, and this tiny angel survived 🙂

If you’re looking for a sweet little birthday gift, or maybe Christmas gift this pendant will surely fit your needs ^^v
They are $35.00 each and don’t worry about the shipping cost (because I live far away here), it’s FREE SHIPPING WORLD WIDE.

Had you interested in my tiny angels, just drop me a message on my FB PAGE or email me at ienmaginations.jewelry@gmail.com

Until next post,


Friday Featured Piece: Mr. Nostrix the owl

Happy Friday!!

Finally, I can start to post things again 🙂
How are you? Hope you’re all doin’ fine. How’s your Halloween? Was it a great one? Hopefully it was.

Today’s featured piece comes from my stash. And personally, I think with Halloween’s spooky feeling remain in the air, it’s perfect time to show you this:


Please meet my new friends: Mr. Owl (I haven’t get a suitable name for him, so maybe I’ll call him Mr. Owl)

Actually I designed him several months ago. I planned to submitt him to a druzy themed contest here in Indonesia. But unfortunately, even I kept starring at the design sketch, I couldn’t feel any urge to work on him.
Maybe it’s because I didn’t know how to make the branch, or maybe because I can’t figure out how to make his eyes..

Few weeks ago, I pushed myself to work on him. And I just realized that working with a heart shape druzy was not easy. Specially when you’re not familiar with net bezel technique, like me lol.

Anyway, I finally managed to finish him and he look as spooky as he can be lol.

Happy (belated) Halloween everyone!!

Druzy, permanently colored copper wire, SWAROVSKI components.

Approx. 2 3/8″ Height and 2 1/2″ on its widest part

Friday Featured Piece: Prince Aldric Caerulea from Anouran Kingdom

Once upon a time, there was a handsome prince who lived under a curse. A kiss from a girl who really love will set him free.
What’s the problem, we might think.
To kiss a handsome prince is easy. Piece of cake.
But what if the handsome prince is a…

Okay, that’s not the original version of The Princess and The Frog tale. But, Hey!! I’m trying to be original here lol.

I bet most of you are familiar with the story. Disney just made their movie based on the story.

For the contest I mentioned in my previous post, I made a frog brooch, inspired by this tale.
I still remember the day I got the idea.
I was looking at my druzy stash -wondering what should I make for the competition- when my eyes found a big green triangle druzy.

It was too big to be a part of lil creatures, and I can’t imagine it being a part of delicate things.
It’s bold, therefore I should find something special for this druzy.
I thought it would be perfect for animal body parts. So I browsed and browsed and browsed about green animal, and frog was one of the result. After some times rotating the druzy, I can see a frog in it.

I remembered a merry prince in Disney’s Princess and The Frog. I thought he really fit the frog in  my imagination. So I started work on him.

The hardest part was when I realized that I made a mistake, AFTER I FINISHED WORK ON HIM. Based on some references I read, frog has 4 toes on each foot. Dang!! My prince has only 3 toes!!!

Well, I have to admit that I was too lazy to re-work on him, and I think he looks so handsome with his 3 toes *creator’s excuses, please ignore this*

So, here he is. Prince Aldric Caerulea from Anouran Kingdom

Prince Aldric Caerulea

Materials: Dyed druzy, permanently colored copper wire, SWAROVSKI components.

Size: approx. 2″ height

Friday Featured Piece: Matthew de Castaño ~ the cheerful hummingbird

¿cómo está

You might wonder why I use Spanish greetings.. No, I’m not taking Spanish lesson at this moment (maybe someday ).
It’s because I finally got a name for my cheerful hummingbird: Matthew de Castaño.
It sounds like Spanish name for me, so I decided to greet you all in Spanish 

Creative process of Matthew was not too complicated.
Lately my daughter really fond of RIO soundtract: Real In Rio.
She often asks me to play it on youtube so she can watch those beautiful birds sing and dance 
And everytime we watch it together, I always amazed by the colorful birds (No need to say, I’m a color-aholic ).
Those colorful birds kept dancing in my mind when I designed my entry for the contest.

There’s a lil gap, tho.
If you see the video  here you won’t find any hummingbird there. But, as I designed it, I just knew that I HAVE to make a hummingbird.

So I browsed the web for references (and an idea to accomodate the gap lol). I stumbled upon this beautiful picture of Chesnut-Breasted Coronet Hummingbird

Aaaaand I knew that I found the answer. I was looking at the answer: Chesnut-Breasted Coronet Hummingbird has almost all colors from RIO birds 
This beautiful picture was taken by Glenn Bartley. See other beautiful pictures of nature he took on his website

I grabbed my pencil and sketch book, quickly sketched down the design, picked the right druzy from my stash, wrapped it with gun metal color copper wire, added some SWAROVSKI, attached the pin, and.. VOILA!! 

3 hours later, Matthew de Castaño first appearance 

I really proud of him. He’s my 4th attempt with druzy  and he doesn’t let me down 

Permanently colored copper wire, SWAROVSKI crystals, dyed druzy

PS: Matthew de Castaño is looking for a home. He can’t wait to brightened up your day.
If you want him, just leave your comment (and your email address) below.

PSS: more collections of handcraftes jewelries by me please check my FB page out.

Glenn Bartley http://www.glennbartley.com/naturephotography/articles/HummingbirdsoftheWorld.html
The Avian Web http://www.avianweb.com/chestnutbreastedcoronethummingbirds.html

Friday Featured Piece: Terra The Forest Faerie

The story behind designing & making process of Terra becomes an important milestone in my jewelry making journey.

I have to admit that druzy is not my favorite materials to work with. But when I read a druzy themed wire jewelry design contest, I was thrilled. Nothing thrilled me better than challenges, specially when there are prizes lol 
I think this is a good chance: there’s a challenge with prizes, I’ve done all my personalized orders, and need to make some ‘ready stock’ items.

After two or three weeks of ‘meditation-for-inspirations’, I saw my daughter’s bag with Tinker Bell picture. And that’s when hundreds of the bulb turned-on.

Terra is an important piece for me. I enjoy every single step in her creation process. She shows me that I can turn impossible things into possible 

Triangle druzy with green and a bit blue sparkle reminds me of our beloved earth. Green for forest and blue for the oceans, lakes and rivers.
I decided this faerie will be a forest fairy, and used Gun Metal from Artistic Wire to wrap it. The dark brown color of it reminds me of fertile soil of the forest.

I used wire mesh for her wings, and add some tiny Swarovski crystals to give it sparkles, just like the way sun shines through spiders’ web.

She holds bunch of colorful ‘flowers’ in her hand, to represents the richness of forest.

With a vertical pin on her back, you could wear her as a brooch or pendant 🙂

Finally, I proudly present Terra The Forest Faerie to all of you.



PS: detailed pics of Terra, please visit my FB page

PSS: Just drop me an email to
ienmaginations.jewelry@gmail.com if you want to have your own faerie 


Me as finalist!!

This gallery contains 2 photos.

Yeay!!!!  Before I tell you what makes me happy, let me scream and jump and scream and sing and scream and smile and take a breath  Okay, that’s exagerrated. I didn’t do that two nights ago when I … Continue reading

Friday Featured Piece(s): Ocean themed bridal hairpieces

Aloha!! 
It’s summer, let’s hit the beach!!

This time I’ll showcase not just one, but two jewelry pieces I recently made.
They are hairpieces, bridal hairpieces exactly, for one of my besties.

She’s going to marry her fiancè on July, 29th -yes, that’ll be next Saturday Sunday.

About a month ago she asked me to make two hairpieces for her wedding. No need to say that it’s an honor for me 🙂

I was thrilled -my first bridal piece!!! - and absolutely said yes to her.
She said that the wedding party will be held in a seaside restaurant, thus I think the hair piece might be in beach/ocean theme.

Several ideas were presented to her, but she just said “It’s up to you”.
So I just picked two designs and started to work on it them.



I made this piece in her wedding gown color palette: white dress with layered tulle accent. She said she’ll add fuchsia ribbon to it.

The name Salacia taken from Roman myth. She’s the goddess of the sea, which also represents the beauty of the ocean.

Salacia made from permanently colored copper wire in silver, Swarovski components, cupchain crystals, japanesse seed beads, european standard crystals, and fresh water pearls.


This is how it looked like on my hair 

The Tide Knot

Second piece was inspired by Helen Dunmore’s books: INGO (tetralogy).
Helen described details of underwater life in her book, which I read several years ago.
Those details remained in my mind, and burst out when I designed this piece.


The Tide Knot was made of permanently colored copper wire, Swarovski components, cupchain crystals, czech montees, japanesse seed beads, fresh water pearls, and metal ball beads.

Color palette used in this piece taken from her 2nd dress (she’ll wear two dresses): turquoise, black, and silver.

I picked the name because of its shape: 6 waves tied into a circle.
The waves represent marriage tidals: ups and downs, sadness and happiness, love life, social life, and every aspect of marriage.
The circle represents endless hope and love that will help the couple to get through every waves of their marriage.
That’ll be my prayers for my bestfriend 

Now I have to find a dress and make proper jewelries for my self .

See you soon!!

PS: detail pictures please visit my Facebook page
And please tell me what you think about these pieces!! 

Thank you!!!

Friday Featured Piece: Mom & Daughter Puzzle Pendant

Another Friday has come 🙂

My featured piece for today was taken from my own projects: a puzzle pendant in sterling silver.

Actually, I don’t know what do fashionable people call this kinda pendant. But to me, it reminds me of puzzle. So, I call it puzzle pendant.

Just like jigsaw puzzle, this these pendants can be worn as single pendant when you pair them together, or wear it separately as independent pendant.

It took me few weeks to figure out how to create the pendant: how to link them without any bail/clasp.

Finally I came up with this idea.

A single piece from mom’s hair and..

The butterfly held by the daughter became the ‘bail/clasp’, like this:


Each piece features SWAROSKI birthstone crystals of the family member. In this case: father, mother, and their daughter.

I think I’m gonna make one for me and Claire 

Hope you like this one like I do, and see you in next post 


PS: more collections of my artworks please visit my FB page

Thank you!! 

Friday Featured Piece: D’ardaigh Series


Howdy, everyone!!
How’s your week? It’s Friday (again) already, and I really wanna show you this week featured piece.

They’re one of my designs, unfortunately lol, which I designed for a special lady.

Just like my previous pieces, here, this jewelry set also designed for Diana, Miss Riau 2012.

This set was inspired by roses: its beauty, its meaning and everything it symbolizes.


For the necklace I made a woven rose (about 2″ width) as its focal piece. Then I made some decorative circles for the “chain”.
Diamentes were used to give accents and glamourous look.


I didn’t wanna keep its backside as plain as I used to do, so I made removable extended chain, and added dangling parts using delicate chain and moonstone chips.


See? I’m pretty proud to see how it turned out. Hope you like it too!!

I adopted those circles for the bangle, and create this:


I think I was really in love with the circles so I adopted it into the earrings.
Well, I added elongated effect to it, so it looks like this:


I experimented with Artistic Wire silver colored mesh and created the rose ring. Diamentes were sewn onto its center.


I hope you enjoy this post as much as I enjoyed writing it, and have a wonderful weekend!!



PS: To see detailed pics of this set and (of course) more artwork of mine, please visit my FB page!!
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